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December 2018

“Confused and capricious”: U$ imperialists re-calibrate destabilization of Syria?

[Leftist Critic is an independent writer, researcher, and comrade who cares about the world around them. Other than posting on radical subreddits, they also tweet infrequently at @leftistcriticabout about the murderous US empire, international solidarity with nations and peoples under attack, and provide necessary criticism of the Western “Left.”…

U.$. Imperialists to Withdraw from Syria

By way of an order issued December 19th to his cabinet and staff, Trump has called for a “full and rapid” withdrawal of amerikan troops in Syria, stating “[w]e have defeated ISIS in Syria, my only reason for being there during the Trump Presidency.” This has caused an uproar among legislators and the brass, who were apparently left in the dark…

They Shall Not Grow Old: Striking Visuals, Disgusting Message

Falling short of its supposed purpose of honoring peace and abhorring war, They Shall Not Grow Old confuses audiences with a face-value acceptance of the most generic recountings of british soldiers ultimately in favor of the war. The film itself should be regarded as squalid propaganda, and while a bit more self-aware than the likes of Dunkirk or Darkest…

Every Suicide is Murder: Capitalism and Mental Illness

By Comrade MartĂ© Capitalism, the final epoch of class society, can be described in the simplest terms, as sickening. That is to be taken in the most literal sense, as in, capitalist society renders the masses of people forced to live in it literally ill. The disease that capitalism forces onto its victims afflicts the most personal, the most human…

Yellow Vests, Yellow “Socialists”: Reactionary Labor Aristocracy leads First World Left by the Nose

The Yellow Vest protests, which have rocked France from the Île to the coasts since November, have experienced a second wind after a series of small concessions by the Macron government were deemed insufficient. The initial impetus for the demonstrations were of course the Macron government’s significant fuel tax and inspection fee increases, but…

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