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March 2019

Critical thoughts about Draper’s “micro-sect”

THE RECENT situation in the ISO has rightfully produced a trenchant criticism of what has been termed the “micro-party” form of revolutionary socialist organization.One of the pieces that has been dusted off and heralded as affording valuable insight is Hal Draper’s 1973 essay “Anatomy of the Micro-Sect.” This and the similar, though less…

We must continue to fight for socialism from below

Haley Pessin argues that the failures of the ISO should be understood and used in order to improve the revolutionary socialist project, not abandon it. IMMEDIATELY BEFORE the crisis currently rocking the International Socialist Organization, our members fought hard to change it. We fought to transform our group into one that would be run by its own…

What models of organization can guide us now?

THANKS TO Socialist Worker for its series on the lessons from the internal crisis of the International Socialist Organization (ISO) and to the participants for their thoughtful contributions. The lessons learned will be influential in the shaping organizing at least among a layer of people on the left.The detonator for this crisis is an appallingly…

We can believe survivors and presume innocence

THE ISO was less than the sum of its parts. Comrades in the ISO did fantastic work in labor and social justice struggles and helped to build important institutions distinct from yet linked to the ISO, like Haymarket Books, and the International Socialist Review.Yet the ISO itself, as an organization, seemed not to register any discernible…

Bail Granted for Comrade Ajith, Reactionaries Attempt to Block

On February 25th the high court in Mumbai granted bail to comrade Ajith, a prominent member of the Communist Party of India (Maoist), after being held for nearly 4 years on charges related to “objectionable material” found at his residence. However, the court swiftly imposed a delay on his release to allow the so-called “Anti-Terrorism” Squad…

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