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July 2019

“Populist” AMLO Grieves for El Chapo while the Masses Suffer Imperialist Aggression

Friday, following the sentencing of JoaquĂ­n “El Chapo” GuzmĂĄn to life imprisonment by u.$. authorities, Mexican president AndrĂ©s Manuel LĂłpez Obrador (AMLO) opined on what he saw as an “inhumane” decision. It is also a tragic life to have a family and not be able to see it, maybe this is not life, and when all those things that happen end…

Remarks on Interview of Professor Stephen Cohen on RT.COM on November 1, 2015

Grover Furr On November 1, 2015 Stephen F. Cohen was interviewed by Oksana Boyko, a journalist for RT.COM. Cohen is a retired professor of Soviet history at Columbia University and New York University,a longtime columnist for The Nation magazine, and expert on Nikolai Bukharin. In the late 1970s Cohen's 1973 book Bukharin and the Bolshevik Revolution was…

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