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May 2020

Editorial: Forward with Covid

By Tina Phillips The pandemic virus Covid-19 has made its presence known around the world and in the United States during the past few months. As we reel from the recent political letdowns, we face a new grim reality ahead. Donald Trump did not prepare for Covid-19 well, and, while we are not surprised by this, it doesn’t hurt any less to see the…

Back to the Future: America After Covid-19

By J. Richard Marra A few days back, while on Facebook, I asked a psychoanalyst friend what he thought folks should do to reduce anxiety during this present unpleasantness. Avoiding talk of Ids and Egos, he simply suggested that people stay informed and safe; and not spend a lot of time with pandemic news coverage. After enduring the endless babble…

Helping the Wounded Animal

By Reuben Clamzo About those social-distancing protesters we saw recently
 Yes, their behavior was ridiculous. Yes, the imagery they presented was drenched in racist symbols and social privilege. Yes, a lot of their demands (“I need a haircut!”) are absurd. And yes, they are totally astroturf the way the Tea Party was a decade ago, and remains…

Capitalism is the Real Pandemic

By Tina Phillips COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on all our lives. Some more than others. We are all going through this, but not all are experiencing it the same way. Those who are poor, don’t have savings, don’t have a way to pay their bills, are forced to work, or have an essential job, are experiencing this with greater hardship. And those of color…

How The Covid-19 Virus Stole May Day

By Dr. Catherine-Anne McCloskey-Ross Everyone has their favorite holiday. Many people really enjoy Christmas or New Year’s Eve. Several of my friends count the days to Saint Patrick’s Day. I certainly enjoy these holidays. On Christmas, I like going to Midnight mass and then going to church again the next morning. Even though I am very religious…

My Quarantine is Not Your Quarantine

By Amy Burdett My quarantine is not your quarantine. I self-quarantine as part of my anxiety, on a regular basis. The idea of staying away from people is not scary to me, nor novel. Being able to pull back and isolate is both a protective measure and something that my therapist tries to encourage me to overcome. That’s not to say that the Novel CoronaVirus…

Brazil’s President Is Being Genocidal in the Name of the Economy During the Coronavirus Crisis

By Henrique Castro Barbosa Since 2014, when Dilma Rousseff was reelected president, Brazil has been facing a great political polarization. The accompanying divisive and crippling public debate raging between the far right and the left resulted in Rousseff’s felonious impeachment in 2016. Following this, Jair Bolsonaro was elected in 2018, supported…

Life in the Time of COVID-19

By Marcus Bellamy It’s April 21st, 2020, as I sit down to put my thoughts together. Today, our world is experiencing something that hasn’t been seen in about a century: a worldwide pandemic; the virus known as COVID-19. Due to its invisibility and virulence, millions of people have been infected, spreading the infection without knowing, until it’s…

Fight the virus and defend the rights of the retirees, pensioners and elderly

STATEMENT BY JERÓNIMO DE SOUSA, GENERAL SECRETARY OF THE PCP, SUBLIC SESSION "FIGHT THE VIRUS AND DEFEND THE RIGHTS OF THE RETIREES, PENSIONERS AND ELDERLY" The last few months have been marked by an exceptional situation, as a result of the outbreak of COVID -19 and the sanitary measures to prevent and fight it, in which the National Health Service…

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