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October 2020

Interview with journalist Aaron Maté: On Russiagate; false accusations against Syria of using chemical weapons; and the 2020 U.S. election

Interview broadcast on RT‘s ‘ICYMI’ program, with host Polly Boiko, Oct 23, 2020 (67-minute interview) Aaron Maté is an Izzy award-winning journalist in New York. He writes for The Grayzone and is the host of the current affairs interview program on The Grayzone called ‘Pushback‘. Before The Grayzone, he was a frequent contributor to The…

Response to Joe Sims & CPUSA

By Jerry Dale The Joe Sims’s leadership statement has great significance. “After the Election: Go Out and Make ‘em do it”. As co-chair of the CPUSA and former editor of the Party’s ideological Journal, Political Affairs, Sims’s opinion carries considerable weight. Sims’ declaration is first and foremost, the statement that eliminates any…

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