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April 2021

Neoliberalism Lite – BC budget wins business backing, but fails the working class

For immediate release to all media, April 22, 2021 In last October’s election, John Horgan’s NDP appealed for the votes of left-minded British Columbians. Without being shackled to their alliance with the Greens, went the argument, an NDP majority could finally implement a stronger progressive agenda. But on April 20, Finance Minister Selina Robinson…

Heightened military tensions by NATO powers against Russia over false accusations of Russian threats against Ukraine

By Roger Annis, A Socialist In Canada, April 23, 2021  (also published in Dissident Voice, Apr 23, 2021) A new round of disinformation and threats against Russia is being staged by the NATO military powers and their state and corporate media outlets. The backdrop is the continued military occupation and aggression by Ukraine against the people of the…

Programmes to cure political illiteracy fall short in Scottish YCL

A throwaway attack piece on the Young Communist League’s (YCL) Challenge magazine website reveals the critical flaws in the thinking and tactics of communists who ultimately remain wedded to the Labour Party. Unfamiliar with the concept of tactical voting, Tom Flanagan criticises George Galloway for following through on what he set out to do by founding…

US imperialism masquerading as wokeness forever vexed at Soviet achievements

Miss Marina Koren of The Atlantic is at pains to present her ignorance as enlightenment. Her article, for the Science section of her publication, entitled “The Soviet Space Program Was Not Woke”, where she claims that “sending the first woman into space isn’t the same as developing an astronaut program that values equality”, is completely…

Sympathy for the devil: Another bourgeois historian prefers fascism

Dominic Sandbrook reviewed a book (Stalin’s War by Sean McMeekin) in the Sunday Times 21 March 2021 that was anti-Soviet, anti-Stalin and pro-Nazi in the extreme but, unlike the usual book reviews of such literary offal he disagrees with the book and finishes the review with the words;- “his book reads less like a serious scholarly history than…

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