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June 2022

Thomas Lord: 1966-2022

This blog has lost a longtime friend and comrade, Thomas Lord. From the Berkeley Daily Planet: Thomas Lord was born April 26, 1966 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he lived until the age of 10 when his family relocated to western Massachusetts.He graduated from Phillips Academy Andover in 1984.He attended Johns Hopkins University and Carnegie Mellon…

Join a June 24 protest to defend the right to abortion!

The RMT strike will fail … even if they win their demands

According to the Daily Mirror, these are the issues motivating workers in the RMT strike in Great Britain: “Essentially it boils down to pay and working conditions. The RMT argue that their staff – who worked throughout the pandemic – are now facing below inflation pay rises after years of wage freezes. The union wants a pay hike of at least 7…

Nineteenth Annual Conference

Facing the Abyss: An Epoch of Permanent War and Counterrevolution Draft Programme Available here Call for Papers The war in Ukraine is a brutal and tragic reminder of the fact that imperial ambitions, inter-imperialist rivalry, and nationalism can easily escalate into open warfare, in ways that risk generalised conflict. The world is again divided…

History of the Hungarian People’s Republic (PART 5: Three Year Plan 1947-49)

The Three-Year Plan was launched on August 1, 1947. The purpose of the plan was first of all to reconstruct the country after the massive devastation caused by the war, but also to start building a new society with better living conditions. The plan involved the nationalization of large mines and banks.Nationalization“The mines had been nationalised…

Meeting of the SI Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean, La Romana, Dominican Republic

Internacional Socialista advierte peligros y desafíos para la región de cara a la postpandemiaCOMITÉ AFIRMA QUE LA SOCIALDEMOCRACIA ES LA PROPUESTA POLÍTICA PARA FORTALECER LA DEMOCRACIA Y MANTENER LA CONFIANZA DE LA GENTEListin Diario, 5 June 2022El Comité de la Internacional Socialista para América Latina y el Caribe alertó sobre los peligros…


I have begun posting some of my stuff on Telegram. I don’t know if it is a permanent new home, but I am probably going to discontinue this blog at least for the present. It will remain in place in case I need a long form for my thoughts.

Fuck the police…

According to media reports, cops tasered family members and rescued their own children during the Uvalde shooting, while parents demanded they deal with the killer. Texas Department of Public safety Spokesman confirms police officers entered Robb Elementary School to get their own children during the massacre… It’s not super explicit but this does…

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