May 18, 2023
From Hood Communist
Fascism is here 
It has been here 
The thing they told 
You not worry about 
The thing that only
Existed across the pond
The thing that was 
Over a long time ago
But here it is 
There it was all along
The dictatorship of
The bourgeoise
Capitalism & imperialism
In endless crisis & reform
The merging of the
State & corporations
Gutting us of our lives
Gutting us of our rights
Gutting us of our dignity 
Gutting us of our humanity 
We must stand
We must fight 
We must remain
We must unite
For our ancestors 
Defeated their oppressors 
Many times over
Like Queen Amanirenas
Like Queen Nzinga 
Like the Maroons
Like our Haitian 
Brothers & sisters 
We must organize
We must struggle
We must rise
We must arm ourselves
& protect the planet 

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