January 6, 2019
From Anti-Imperialism

By Farshahan-Erey

Benesuela (Venezuela)

Bullied by Brits, Brussels and the Yanqui authority whose greed blocks the provision of baskets of bread and any basic amenity,
But with boundless belief, Benesuela resists the imperialist entity
Bravely battling bourgeois barbarity to save its Bolivarian community

Dare to disobey what the plutocrats decree?
Duly, They’ll pile up the cadavers on their killing spree
Disinheriting the defenceless is their only morality
Deindustrialising those who act independently
Denationalising all that is owned socially
Disgusted with those who don’t speak deferentially
Decapitating all who act rebelliously
Destabilising and overthrowing governments covertly
Desire democracy in distant destinations ostensibly, but
Dubiously Dickensian wealth disparity deepens domestically
Discovered billions of barrels in the target country, coincidentally

Not for decency but the dollar dictatorship does D.C. deploy its infantry
Dispassionately commit for the oligarchy any obscenity
Desecrate Standing Rock, turning a holy place into a commodity
To maintain the oil companies and their monopoly
Deforest and deglaciate the planet to deify property
Declaring doomsday for all but a tiny minority
Endangering third-world populations primarily
Degrading the downtrodden to despondency
Detestably installing a despotism like they did in Chile in 1973, or
Distributing across Europe the armies of the North Atlantic Treaty,
Deterring the development of proletarian unity
Dealing with death squads and drug-dealers, unrestrained in their desire for unipolarity

Dog-eat-dog is their ideology
Destroying collective liberty and privatising society in its totality
Demanding S.A.Ps and shock therapy, in the interests of the comprador coterie
Determined to keep the denizens in squalor and misery
Designing a society of choosing destitution, death, or to be a druggy
Delivering whole districts prematurely to the cemetery
Delighted as they dispense dagger and machete with which you will
Depopulate your own locality
Dividing you from those with which you share commonality
Drawing lines in the sand to create ethnic animosity
Distorting reality so the dispossessed can never join hands in solidarity
Disenfranchising those disinclined to their debauchery
Denaturalising those who inhabited the continents originally
Discarding them when no longer profitable, turning each in to a deportee
Dancing on the graves of the decimated Cree
Depigmenting and desexualising til the indigenous are confined to the books of history
Depriving them of knowledge, now they think their heritage is a mystery
Deracinating them to destroy ancestral memory
Detaining them in the penitentiary
Discouraging descendants from reclaiming stolen territory
Despoiling the land then claim it as a “discovery”
Demarcating reserves to legitimise centuries of robbery

Deluding the citizenry that the only democracy is parliamentary trickery
Detaching southern workers from the labour aristocracy
Denuding them of the products of their toil to gain the compliancy of the metropolitan constituency
Funding the NHS with rubber and tin stolen in the Malayan emergency
Divesting their raw materials to the core from the dependency
Fortifying the borders to superexploit the reserve labour army

Documentary evidence destroyed to cover up criminal activity
Dominating the discourse to decorate their despicability
Distributing scripts to Hollywood to disguise their monstrosity, hauling
Dalton Trumbo and Paul Robeson before the Un-American Activities Committee
Doctoring the textbooks, no mention of the Mau-Mau atrocity or
Diverting food from Bengal, then labelling the inhabitants “beastly”
Devoid of any reference to My Lai and Wounded Knee
Deceiving the demos that genocide is the domain of Hitler and Mussolini
That the Wehrmacht was different from the R.A.F. and the U.S. Navy
Denazification is dealt with disapprovingly
Don’t you know Lebensraum was based on Manifest Destiny?
That the Volga would be the Nazi Mississippi?

Derived from the old orientalist mentality, they
Devise a dozen devious schemes disguised as responsibility
Demonstrating that decolonisation was not achieved in the last century

Despite the disorientating dosage of disinformation disseminated by the dailies, CNN, and the BBC, who
Desperately label as “democratic” any counter-revolutionary tendency, and
Dismiss dissent as theory of conspiracy
Despite being decried as a dystopian tyranny, with
Dime-a-dozen journalists ready to shout “commie”

Despite all the denigrating, defending the deprived against the decadent bourgeoisie
Dying to de-link the South from this depravity
Dialectically, dispensing with the debtor’s designation of you as debtee
Dispatching doctors to combat infant mortality
Distributing youth programmes to decrease juvenile delinquency
Developing agriculture to feed the peasantry
Decommodifying healthcare unsettles the pharmaceutical industry
Damascus to Democratic Korea, always standing with the oppressed, in undying camaraderie
Doubtless your example will spread infectiously across the periphery
The sword of Bolivar will deliver the decisive victory, definitely

My mission comes now to the margins of my ream
To the minds mesmerised by the mystification of the mainstream,
With lies masqueraded as the truth do they teem
Misinformation means matters are not all that they seem
Let these words expose their malevolent scheme
From Cuba to Caracas, throughout there runs a theme
So the minted can maintain their capitalist regime
So the workers deem socialism merely a pipedream
So the majority have no access to the academe
So the third-world remains without self-esteem
So basic humanity seems a demand utopian in the extreme
So the moguls and magnates can their lost profits redeem
So the multinationals can maraud the moneyless and poison the land, air and stream
Measureless Merican money makes the economy scream,
But the militant masses must save the collective dream
All that is holy will no more be blasphemed
Benesuela, like a beacon, will in the morrow continue to beam.

Source: Anti-imperialism.org