August 26, 2021
From In Defense Of Communism

Since the beginning of the rapid developments in Afghanistan and the comeback of Taliban in the power, Communist and Workers’ Parties from all over the world have issued statements concerning the situation in the country. 

The vast majority of statements refer to the disastrous role of US-EU imperialism, the military intervention in 2001, as well as the immense responsibilities of the U.S. and European governments for supporting the rise of Taliban in the 1980s, primary in the war against the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. 

Read here the statement of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE)

Read here the joint statement by the Communist Party of India and the Communist Party of India (Marxist). 

Other Statements:

Party of Labour, Austria (PdA)

On the developments in Afghanistan

The developments in Afghanistan confirm
the reactionary and for the peoples devastating character of imperialist
wars and interventions. The fall of the Afghan puppet government and
the return of the Islamist Taliban movement to power after the
withdrawal of the US and NATO occupation forces of course mean a
continuation of the sufferings of the Afghan people caused by the
uninterrupted interference of imperialist forces in the country for

The US and NATO intervention, which
started in 2001 under the pretext of “war against terrorism” and
“collective defence” under Article 5 of the NATO Treaty, served the
interests of the US in this strategically important region. For twenty
years, the USA, together with its NATO partners, controlled this crucial
crossroads in the neighbourhood of Russia and China. However, the
planned end of their military presence, agreed with the Taliban, which
we are witnessing today, also serves their interests. They leave behind a
highly destabilized country where the different and competing interests
of the Taliban, various tribal leaders and warlords meet with those of
neighbouring powers such as China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan, India, Iran,
Turkey, Qatar. Moreover, the USA can now deploy forces and resources in
other regions where they best serve its interests in the context of its
competition with China.

Austrian governments of every
composition also bear responsibility for today’s situation by supporting
the US and NATO intervention both politically and militarily. Even
though there has been no Austrian military presence in Afghanistan in
recent years, the Austrian army continues to participate in numerous
imperialist interventions that not only have devastating consequences
for the peoples concerned, but also entangle our country in imperialist
antagonisms, posing great dangers to our people. At the same time, the
present government is pursuing an inhuman asylum policy that denies all
protection and security to the victims of imperialist wars and

The hypocritical concern of bourgeois
governments and media about the fate of the people and especially women
in Afghanistan contrasts with their open or covert support for
reactionary governments in other countries as well as the Taliban
themselves and their predecessors when they fought the revolutionary
forces and internationalist Soviet aid in Afghanistan in the 1980s.

In Afghanistan, it is once again clear
that the struggle against reactionary, backward movements and solidarity
with the oppressed and the refugees cannot be separated from the
struggle against imperialist interventions and the capitalist system
itself that creates them. As long as the imperialist system and capital
interests dominate the world, it will also be possible for forces like
the Taliban to do their mischief.

Vienna, 23 August 2021.

* * * 

Tudeh Party of Iran

We stand with the people
and patriotic and progressive forces of Afghanistan at this precarious
and difficult time and declare our active solidarity with their struggle
for peace, democracy and human rights.

The fall of Kabul and return of the
Taliban to power in Afghanistan on Sunday, August 15, is a colossal
tragedy for its people. The designs of the G7 capitalist powers over the
past forty years are the main factor and bear the main responsibility
for this calamity. The financing and arming of Afghanistan’s Islamist
“Mujahedeen” groups by the CIA, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan’s military
rulers in the late 1970s, following the victory of the Saur (April)
Revolution in Afghanistan, was aimed at undermining and bringing down
the government of the People’s Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. At
the end of the 1970s, global imperialism was in no way willing to accept
a change in the balance of power in this region or the coming to power
of national, progressive and democratic forces. The advancement of this
plan paved the way for the growth of a variety of reactionary “jihadist”
groups who enjoyed Saudi funds to impair any progressive
socio-political change in West Asia. The government of the People’s
Democratic Republic of Afghanistan aimed to create a new and modern
society through the implementation of national development policies,
alleviation of poverty, and the elimination of socio-economic
underdevelopment underpinned by the feudal system that had held sway in
the country before the Saur Revolution. However, Western-backed
reactionary Islamists in Afghanistan expressed their overt hostility to
democratic human rights and freedoms as enshrined in the United Nations
Universal Declaration of Human Rights, especially those pertaining to
women and children. The reactionary policies of the new Iranian regime
after the February 1979 Revolution, along with the [1977] military coup
in Pakistan that brought to power General Zia-ul-Haq, the instrument of
British imperialism, and saw the execution [in 1979] of Prime Minister
Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, were other major factors contributing to the
formation of events around Afghanistan.

The Soviet military’s entry into
Afghanistan at the repeated requests of its government [to uphold the
fraternal Treaty of Friendship between the two neighbours] to help
counter the violent insurgency of Islamic fundamentalists in the
country, took place amidst an already underway unannounced war which was
launched in coordination between the United States, Britain, Pakistan,
and their reactionary allies in Afghanistan. The imperialist powers and
their allies intensified their arming and full support of Islamic
fundamentalist groups under the pretext of the Soviet presence in
Afghanistan, which they themselves had laid the groundwork for.

The withdrawal of Soviet forces from
Afghanistan in 1989 and the efforts of the central government of
Afghanistan to establish an inclusive government of national
reconciliation made no difference to the warmongering intent and
policies of the Western states, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and the Islamic
Republic of Iran in support of “jihadist” forces. After the collapse of
the Soviet Union in 1991, the cessation of its economic assistance to
Afghanistan, and the intensification of the Islamic fundamentalists’
activities, the Islamic Mujahedeen finally arrived in Kabul in spring
1992. From that point onwards, Afghanistan became embroiled in a civil
war between Islamist forces that controlled various areas of
Afghanistan, similar to the situation that followed years later in Libya
after the collapse of Muammar Gaddafi’s government.

In the 1990s, when Afghanistan’s
Islamist forces operated under the ward of Western states, human rights
abuses in the country, and the cultivation of opium and production of
derivatives such as heroin for export to the world – a source of huge
income for these groups – expanded massively.

In the autumn of 1996, the Taliban
seized Kabul and announced the establishment of an Islamic Emirate of
Afghanistan. The Taliban demonstrated the continuation of the previous
Mujahedeen regime’s criminal policies by its heinous executions –
including the torture and dismemberment of Dr. Najibullah, the former
president of Afghanistan, along with his brother, who had taken refuge
in the United Nations administrative complex in Kabul.

During the five years of the Taliban’s
medieval Islamic state, the social achievements of the People’s
Democratic Republic of Afghanistan in health, housing, education, and
women’s emancipation were completely eradicated and a reverse trend
began. Afghanistan became a training center for the region’s most
reactionary Islamist forces, including al-Qaeda.

The cost of the coalition’s occupation
of Afghanistan from 2001 to 2021 is estimated to be around $2 trillion –
money that was taken from the pockets of the people in countries
supporting the coalition and put into the pockets of the imperialist
military-industrial-service complexes. During these 20 years, tens of
thousands of people died or were displaced in Afghanistan, and thousands
of those from the state and private military forces of the occupiers
lost their lives. And, in the end, the rapid withdrawal of the Western
military forces – the very same forces that had in effect kept the
corrupt pro-U.S. house-of-cards government in Afghanistan in power – led
to the fleeing of President Ashraf Ghani, the collapse of the Afghan
government, and the Taliban’s return to power via the brokering of Hamid
Karzai, Abdullah Abdullah and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. The reinstalling of
the Taliban state in Afghanistan is based on the fully calculated
agreement reached between the Trump administration and the reactionary
leadership of the Taliban on March 1, 2020. This tragedy will lead to a
greater humanitarian catastrophe, the signs of which – including the
fear that grips the people of Afghanistan and their attempts to flee the
country – can already be witnessed in cities across the land.

The collapse of the Afghan government is
clear evidence of the fallacy of the notion of external intervention to
change a regime or help it survive. The Tudeh Party of Iran has always
maintained that the imposition of puppet governments by foreign forces
cannot guarantee the establishment of democracy or the realisation of
people’s rights. The fate of Afghanistan (and Iraq) should be a lesson
to those who place their hopes in the interventions of the United States
and other foreign powers; who proudly have their pictures taken
alongside the likes of Mike Pompeo, invite John Bolton to speak at their
rallies, and defend Trump’s sanctions and “maximum pressure” policy.
The people of Afghanistan (and Iran) deserve a peaceful and decent life,
not corrupt and weak governments reliant on foreign states – nor the
Islamic Emirate of the Taliban, ISIS and the theocratic regime in Iran.

It is clear that neither the United
States, nor any other imperialist power, is remotely concerned about
the fate of ordinary Afghan citizens – and are only looking after their
own interests. In this sense, the words of John Bolton, a militarist and
reactionary defender of the Bush and Trump administrations, in an
interview with the BBC and Sky News in recent days, is very clear:
“Somehow the notion has crept it that we were there to defend
Afghanistan […] that we were there as an act of charity for them […]
It was always a mistake to think that we were there to make Afghanistan
the ‘Switzerland of Central Asia’. We were not there to build their
nation; we were there to protect our nation!” President Joe Biden has
also implied that U.S. military forces invaded Afghanistan for their own
interests, stayed there for 20 years for their own sake, and are now
leaving for their own sake. He added that countering the Taliban is the
duty of the Afghan army. And, in recent days, it has become painfully
clear that the price of this policy is to be paid by the women, men and
children of Afghanistan with their lives and livelihoods. The new wave
of displacement and asylum of these tormented people, which Western
governments are looking at with “pity”, should be of serious
humanitarian concern for the world.

In addition to these U.S. and NATO plans
– which see the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan ready for their
dispatch to the next arena of aggression and destruction – one of the
planned consequences of this withdrawal and bringing the reactionary
Taliban to power is the creating of major insecurity in Western Asia,
especially on the borders of Iran and Central Asian nations, and even
Russia and China. At the same time, it appears that in the vacating of
Western military forces, a role is now being given to NATO member, Sunni
Muslim Turkey, whose ambitious leader envisions the revival of the
Ottoman Empire in the new era of his neoliberal policies. Harassment of
China’s development plans, including the “One Belt – One Road”
initiative, is also likely to be another factor and side effect of the
recent developments in Afghanistan.

It is now vitally important to recognise
– and this should be re-emphasised – that the pawns and puppets of US
imperialism, such as Hamid Karzai, Ashraf Ghani, Abdullah Abdullah,
Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, and Zalmay Khalilzad, are not the ones who will
open the path to the free and democratic growth and transformation of
Afghanistan. Afghanistan and its government have been mired in
corruption, embezzlement and tribal rivalries throughout the past thirty
years. When the Taliban moved to seize Afghan cities, with the green
light of the United States (following the Doha agreement), there was
little resistance encountered from the American-trained national army
(probably as instructed). In recent decades, there has been no stable
and dominant government or order in Afghanistan, and in recent weeks the
lives and properties of defenceless people have been abandoned while
their mercenary head of state and high officialdom have taken their bags
of money and fled the country.

Now, mercenaries like Hamid Karzai,
Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and Abdullah Abdullah are handing over power to the
Taliban under the guise of a “Coordination Council” to legitimise the
“Islamic Emirate” of these reactionary barbarians. Today, Afghanistan is
a striking example of a foreign intervention plan that has led to a
humanitarian catastrophe on a parallel with those witnessed in Iraq,
Libya, Syria, and Yemen.

Such a tragedy should not be allowed to
happen again, including in Iran. In these difficult and dangerous
circumstances, the Tudeh Party of Iran calls upon all the defenders of
peace, democracy, justice and human rights to echo the humanitarian
demands of the Afghan people and their supporters against the Taliban’s
reactionaries and imperialist powers. A government that does not adhere
to the provisions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, an
international treaty for all countries, and does not respect the
democratic rights and freedoms of the people – especially women, girls
and children – cannot be recognised as a legitimate or defensible

The people of Afghanistan and Iran
suffer under Islamic fundamentalist and reactionary regimes and are
therefore deprived of a decent life. The struggles of these two
neighbouring nations for freedom and justice have common goals. We
should not allow this struggle to be become subdued. Let the voice of
this struggle resound. We stand with the people of Afghanistan and their
patriotic and progressive forces at this perilous and difficult time
and express our active and steadfast solidarity with their struggle for
peace, democracy and human rights.

From Nameh Mardom, the central publication of the Tudeh Party of Iran, No. 1136, August 16, 2021.

* * * 

Portuguese Communist Party (PCP)

On the recent developments in Afghanistan

August 17, 2021 

The recent developments in Afghanistan, including the entry of the
Taliban in Kabul, regardless of their future evolution, constitute a
clear and humiliating defeat for the US, NATO and all those who
participated and colluded in their strategy of war and occupation,
including successive Portuguese governments – war and occupation that
the PCP opportunely denounced and condemned. 

It is worth remembering that more than 40 years of interference and
aggression by the US and its allies in Afghanistan, 20 years of which
were of invasion and occupation, are responsible for hundreds of
thousands of deaths, destruction, millions of displaced people and
refugees, due to the establishment of a regime without legitimacy and
undermined by corruption, the transformation of Afghanistan into the
world’s largest centre of opium production – aspects that are
inseparable from the swift outcome of recent days. 

Given the false and cynical concerns about the respect of rights, we
should recall that it was the US and its allies that promoted and
supported the most backward and obscurantist forces and their violent
action against the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan, established with
the People’s Revolution of April 28, 1978, and the Afghan progressive

We should recall the role of the US and its allies in creating,
promoting and supporting groups that are known for their terrorist
action, including in Afghanistan, and the cynical invocation of the
so-called “war against terrorism” to justify and carry out their
strategy of domination. 

Given the new risks and dangers facing Afghanistan, the rights of its
people, as well as the Central Asian region, the PCP draws attention to
the fact that it is up to the Afghan people – like every people – to
solve their problems without external interference and choose their own
path of development, helping stop Afghanistan from being used to promote
instability in the region. 

The recent developments in Afghanistan reinforce the demand for an
end to the interference and aggression carried out by the US, with the
support and complicity of its allies, namely NATO, against Syria, Iraq
or Yemen, but also its policy of confrontation in international
relations, including the end of the illegal and criminal policy of
economic sanctions and blockades against countries and peoples. 

The recent developments in Afghanistan also reinforce the demand that
Portuguese foreign policy stop being subordinated to the warmongering
policy of the US, NATO and the EU, and be guided by respect for the
Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, the United Nations Charter and
International Law. 

 * * *

Communist Party of Britain

The Communist Party holds Britain, the US and other Western powers
chiefly responsible for the latest tragedy in Afghanistan as Taliban
Islamist forces secure their take-over of the country. 

  ‘These events expose the so-called humanitarian case for
imperialist intervention as a travesty and vindicate the stance of the
anti-war movement in Britain and internationally’, Steve Johnson told
the party’s political committee on Wednesday evening.

  He declared that Western imperialism and NATO have long been the problem, not any part of the solution. 

  ‘Not just for the last 20 years’, Mr Johnson explained, ‘but from
the late 1970s and 1980s, when the Western powers and their reactionary
allies in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan financed, armed and trained jihadi
insurgents in order to bring down the progressive People’s Democratic
Party of Afghanistan regime and its Soviet backers’.

  As a consequence of US, British and French military intervention,
he pointed out, countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria had
been plunged into catastrophic chaos and slaughter, while sectarian
religious fundamentalism had grown massively in strength.

  The CP political committee called on the British government to
provide generous refuge to people fleeing oppression in Afghanistan and
urged the labour and progressive movements to stand in solidarity with
women and others who are courageously defending democratic and human
rights in defiance of the Taliban. 

  ‘These rights have never been the genuine concern of Western
governments, whose real interests are in mineral resources, trades
routes and military bases’, Steve Johnson insisted.

  ‘As the climate emergency and the unfair distribution of Covid
vaccines confirm, capitalism means continual conflict, war, disease
and environmental degradation’, he concluded, ‘Rosa Luxemburg’s
prophetic words that humanity’s choice is  “Socialism or
Barbarism” are more relevant than ever’.

  * * *

Communist Party of Pakistan

The story of Taliban occupation of Afghanistan and 1st part of the US
imperialist another great game is slowly unfolding.The Afghans and the
world is waking up to the new reality every day.

There are more questions than answers.How is it possible Taliban
could occupy the whole Afghanistan in 11days while they were fighting
20 years against the US and NATO forces with no real gains? One thing is
clear that Doha agreement was to construct the scene of the events and
Taliban was handed over the power by US to play a role in the region for
the US interests.They will be proxy of US imperialism and the conflict
zone and the great game battle field will be extending now not only to
the neighbouring Pakistan, Iran and Central Asian countries but
Afghanistan and Taliban will be used to protect US interests in the
region creating a defence line against China and Russia.

The Taliban rise will be sparking  a new wave of fundamentalist
ideology and the progressive, democratic forces of the region will be
targeted again.

The Afghans citizen rights, human  rights, the rights of women
and children will be again under the hammer of Talibans so called
Islamic laws.

The communist Party of Pakistan is watching these events very
carefully and we have already appealed to the progressive forces and
parties in Pakistan to unite so a strong and fighting force can be

The Communist Party of Pakistan is also appealing to all
fraternal communists and workers parties in the world to pressurise
their respective governments to not recognise the Taliban regime until a
free election is held in Afghanistan and a Democratic government is
elected in Afghanistan ensuring the basic human and civic rights for all
Afghans specially the rights of Women and children are respected.  

International department.

  * * *

Communist Party of Bangladesh  

The Communist Party of Bangladesh (CPB)
has expressed deep concern over the ‘dramatic’ and dangerous incident of
the Taliban’s seizure of power in Afghanistan. In a primary statement
on the latest developments in Afghanistan issued on 17th
August 2021, the CPB President Mujahidul Islam Selim and General
Secretary Mohammad Shah Alam said that power had been handed over to the
Taliban on the eve of the withdrawal of US troops after 20 years of
their aggressive war in Afghanistan. After a long dark period of
American occupation in this ‘blue-print game’ of imperialism, the Afghan
people are now facing the darkness of medieval barbarism of the violent
fanatical militant Taliban regime. 

While the withdrawal of US troops
from Afghanistan is long desired to the people of that country and to
the whole world, the Taliban regime is by no means an alternative.
Afghanistan today has been thrown from a boiling pot into a burning
furnace. There is a deep conspiracy behind the resurgence of the
Taliban. It is also linked to billions of dollars in drug trafficking
and illegal arms trade.

In the statement, CPB leaders called the
resurgence of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan a serious threat to the
security of the whole of South Asia. CPB leaders have called for
vigilance against the use of Taliban power in Afghanistan to create
tension in South Asia and to “export” Taliban influence to various
countries, including Bangladesh.

Hasan Tarique Chowdhury

Head of International Department and member of the Central Committee


  * * *

Communist Party of Canada

Two decades ago, the United States invaded Afghanistan, with the
support and involvement of Canada and other NATO allies. It was the
start of the “War on Terror,” waged in part under the pretext of
humanitarian intervention to “liberate” the people of Afghanistan from
the Taliban and bring peace, democracy and stability to the region.

It is abundantly clear that US imperialism and its allies have
utterly failed to realize any of those stated objectives. Conservative
estimates are that nearly 175,000 Afghan people have been killed as a
result of the invasion and 20-year occupation, including at least 50,000
civilians. Nearly 7 million people remain displaced. Economic
development ranks among the lowest in the world, with one-quarter of the
population officially unemployed and more than half live under the
poverty line of one dollar per day.

Today, as defeated imperialist forces scramble to leave, the people of Afghanistan remain in a situation of endless suffering.

The issue is not, as some claim, that the US did not do enough to
protect the Afghan people’s rights – the issue is that US and
imperialist intervention has been single-mindedly dedicated to
undermining those rights. The very forces that the US and its allies
identified as enemies in 2001 were themselves created and nurtured by
previous US administrations, with the purpose of destabilizing and
overthrowing the progressive popular government which came to power in
Afghanistan through the April (Saur) Revolution of 1978.

In its rush to halt and roll back progressive reforms in the
Democratic Republic of Afghanistan – such as democracy, land reform and
women’s equality – US imperialism laid the foundation for decades of
brutality and suffering.

The Communist Party of Canada warned of this in October 2001,
immediately after the launch of the invasion of Afghanistan. “We reject
as completely false and hypocritical the claims by the Bush and Blair
governments that their military actions are “humanitarian” in nature.
The reality is that the Taliban and Osama bin Laden are largely the
creations of massive CIA intervention in Afghanistan during the 1980s.
The “Northern Alliance” forces opposing the Taliban were also heavily
backed by US imperialism during their war against the Afghan government
during the 1980s and proved to be just as reactionary and undemocratic
as the Taliban during their period in power. The idea that further
imperialist intervention in the region can bring anything but new
disasters for the people is utterly false.”

To justify the invasion and occupation, government in the US, Canada
and other NATO countries have promoted the spread of Islamophobia and
racism. The vast range of “security” laws that these governments
introduced have been used to target and oppress Muslims and racialized
people in the first place, as well as general dissent.

The Communist Party stands in solidarity with the people of
Afghanistan as they face new and exacerbated problems, especially for
women and refugees. We also warn that the US and its allies will not
cease their interference and aggression in the region. The imperialist
threat of war, destabilization and oppression has not diminished – it
must continue to be exposed and opposed.

The Communist Party of Canada calls on all labour and progressive
movements to help rebuild and strengthen the peace movement in this
country. Working people must demand a new, independent foreign policy
based on peace, disarmament and international cooperation.