August 17, 2023
From Internationalist 360

Mohsen Abdelmoumen
Demonstration against the French presence in Africa. D. R.

We are witnessing the emergence of a new Africa in full rebellion against imperialism and neo-colonialism, an inevitable consequence of the involvement of China and Russia, both of which are pursuing a policy of equals with African countries in their commercial and diplomatic exchanges.

The latest Russia-Africa Summit, held on July 27 and 28 in Saint Petersburg and attended by delegations from 49 African countries, including 17 heads of state, where Vladimir Putin clearly stated his intention to promote a multipolar world order and combat neo-colonialism, was undeniably a major trigger. We recall in particular the powerful speeches by the young president of Burkina Faso, Captain Ibrahim Traoré, guest of honor, and the Eritrean president, Issayas Afewerki, as well as President Putin’s promise to deliver millions of tons of wheat free of charge to the poorest countries.

Algeria, which, having got rid of an ailing old president in the hands of an oligarchic 5th column totally committed to France, and having regained its leading role on the African scene through its measured but firm stance, always favoring the path of diplomacy to solve problems, also has a decisive role to play in the events unfolding.

Niger, Algeria’s direct neighbor, with a common border stretching for almost a thousand kilometers, is one of the poorest countries in Africa, despite possessing numerous riches in its subsoil, such as uranium and oil to name but a few. However, the institutionalized mismanagement over decades by its various leaders in the pay of France has kept the Niger population in extreme poverty.

Niger’s military has decided to turn things around and put the welfare of its people first, much to the dismay of France, which has always considered Africa its golden goose, and has plundered its wealth uninterruptedly since colonial times.The French rooster, arrogant on his manure heap, is now seeing his backyard transformed into an entrenched camp where the “Barkhane” forces have been declared undesirable. Having been ejected from Mali, they are now being asked to get the hell out of Niger. Of course, there are still a few cackling colonized fowl at the head of certain African countries, such as the ECOWAS countries, but, on the whole, the paternalistic crows of France are beginning to fall out of favor in Africa. Quite the contrary, in fact. And it’s a safe bet that other countries will follow the example of Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger.

ECOWAS, France’s vassal, threatens

Let’s talk about ECOWAS, the Economic Community of West African States, which is entirely controlled by France and whose Nigerian president, Bola Tinubu, a veritable stooge of the United States and France, holds the rotating presidency.

We’ll come back to him a little later, as this ubiquitous character is a notorious weirdo.At the instigation of the white masters, ECOWAS issued an ultimatum to Niger and imposed draconian sanctions, threatening to assemble 25,000 troops to launch a military operation if the Niger army did not return Mohamed Bazoum to power.The United States, France and the European Union immediately approved these decisions, since they were the sponsors, and Alassane Ouattara, another of France’s stooges, even felt that armed intervention should take place as soon as possible, prompting Niger to recall its ambassador to Côte d’Ivoire.However, despite Western directives and Ouattara’s wishes, the ECOWAS Parliament voted on August 12 against the inhumane sanctions imposed on the Niger population, calling for them to be lifted immediately, and declared itself opposed to any armed intervention, preferring a negotiated solution.Niger’s new government did, however, warn that in the event of an attack, Bazoum would be immediately executed as a foreign agent.

It’s worth noting that the sanctions imposed on the people of Niger by the West and ECOWAS not only cover foodstuffs and electricity – 70% of which comes from Nigeria, which has stopped supplying it – but also include medicines, which is absolutely revolting. We have a perfect example of the old abject European colonial mentality in the person of Emmanuela del Re, the European Union’s Italian representative in the Sahel, who told the Italian newspaper La Republica on August 9: “The impact of the sanctions is becoming palpable.” “The shortage of medicine and food has reached alarming levels, while power cuts are even more frequent than before. If we want the junta to weaken, we must persist with these sanctions,” she declared bluntly, assuring ECOWAS of the EU’s full support in this endeavor. We leave it to our readers to appreciate this sociologist’s words at their true value.

While their sanctions deprive the people of Niger of electricity, medicine and food, all Western leaders are worried about Mohamed Bazoum, who complains of a lack of medical care and is forced to live in the dark on a meager diet. His daughter, Zazia Bazoum, on vacation in Paris, gave a “poignant” account on August 12 in The Guardian newspaper, picked up by all the propaganda media saying that her relatives are surviving on a dwindling supply of dry rice and pasta. “You understand, you can’t always eat only rice and pasta, day and night,” she said.”It’s dangerous for their health. They don’t even have drinking water.It’s very sad to think that they’re in the dark, and the temperature in the house is very high.”

This statement alone shows just how little the African comprador bourgeoisie cares about the fate of the people who have been living in these deplorable conditions for decades, with 82% of Niger’s population without electricity and 16% food insecure.That Bazoum should suffer the same fate as his fellow citizens is entirely justified, and will perhaps enable him to understand what the people in his care are going through.

Algeria’s warning

The lack of consensus among ECOWAS countries is preventing the implementation of this famous offensive against Niger, much to France’s despair.

Several factors come into play, including the warning by ANP Chief of Staff, Army General Saïd Chengriha, that Algeria would not tolerate any threat to its security, as well as Russia’s communiqué warning against escalation in the Sahel, and the arrival of Wagner’s forces in Niamey.These warnings have cooled the warlike ardor of the African polichinels activated by their Western masters, especially since, according to a Wall Street Journal article published on August 11, it could be months before the African forces of ECOWAS launch a military offensive in Niger. In fact, one of ECOWAS’s senior officers said that it would take at least six months to prepare for such an operation, and that for the time being, the superiority of the rapid reaction forces is only strong on paper, certainly not in practice.

And to bring the cacophony to a close, at the end of more than ten hours of talks, the African Union declared its firm opposition to ECOWAS military intervention in Niger, the Peace and Security Council (PSC), the AU’s conflict-resolution body, having categorically rejected the use of military force. Algeria’s influence was certainly decisive in the AU’s decision.

France receives a slap in the face

This decision is a real slap in the face for France, which is alarmed at losing its power in Africa. On August 7, Figaro Vox published an open letter to Emmanuel Macron signed by a number of French senators, including the following excerpts: “Today, yesterday’s Françafrique is being replaced by military Russafrique, economic Chinafrique or diplomatic Américafrique.” “President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, who came to power under difficult circumstances as a result of the Hirak, blows hot and cold, sometimes speaking of rapprochement and a regularly deprogrammed official visit, and sometimes of the Great French Satan responsible for all the ills of the Algerian people.

This pendulum swing has prompted many French officials to question the 1968 agreements, which no longer make any sense.” “In Morocco, French procrastination over the Sahara (even though Spain and Germany have recognized Moroccan sovereignty) and the Quai d’Orsay’s balancing act with Algeria are prompting the royal palace to look outside Paris for military and economic partners. He concludes with this cry from the heart: “For our part, we are not resigned to our gradual disappearance from the continent as a whole.” Indeed, without Africa’s riches, France is condemned to galloping impoverishment.

This little epistolary masterpiece, signed by 94 senators, was drawn up by three Republican senators: Roger Karoutchi, vice-president of the Senate and a Zionist Jew born in Bousbir; Bruno Retailleau, close to Philippe Le Jolis de Villiers de Saintignon, the “valiant knight” of the Puy du Fou, and Christian Cambon, president of the Senate’s Foreign Affairs, Defense and Armed Forces Committee, and first vice-president of the parliamentary delegation on intelligence.

The latter is also President of the France-Morocco Interparliamentary Friendship Group and a staunch defender of the “Moroccanness” of Western Sahara and the “integrity” of Bousbir’s kingdom, denouncing tooth and nail the “plot” against the kingdom of paedophilia, cannabis and tomatoes with regard to the Pegasus spyware scandal.We take a look at the particularly enlightening paragraph on this subject from Wikipedia, which is not known for its anti-imperialist theses. According to Wikipedia, this courtier of the kinglet of Bousbir declared in the Makhzen press: that the country is “obviously the object of press and denigration campaigns”, which he described as “set-ups”, maneuvers “stirred up by a hand which, as usual and for a long time, has been gathering Morocco’s adversaries” to “tarnish Morocco’s image”, because “the kingdom’s success creates jealousy”. We leave it to our readers to guess which hand this senator is referring to.

Needless to say, Cambon was made Commander of the Order of the Ouissam alaouite, the highest Bousbirian distinction, for services rendered and, of course, he has a suite reserved in his name at La Mamounia with all the extras that go with it, not to mention envelopes to round off the month’s income.

Still! So much selfless and eager constancy must be properly rewarded!

“Down with France!”

Meanwhile, thousands of Nigeriens demonstrate outside the French military base in Niamey, demanding the immediate departure of French troops, brandishing Russian flags and homemade banners bearing the inscriptions “Down with France! Down with ECOWAS!” or “Wagner, protect us!”. The entire people of Niger came to the defense of their country, declaring that if France dared to intervene, it would first have to kill the entire civilian population before reaching the National Council. Macron, who has already seen his embassy put to the sword by the people of Niger, announced that he would not tolerate any attack on French interests in Niger, and that he would respond with force. But Niger’s new leadership, which has the support of the people, remains unperturbed by threats and sanctions, and has ordered France to withdraw its troops by September. The Americans, who are also present in Niger with a drone base, considered to be the eyes of the French army in the Sahel, are obviously worried about Niger’s change of course. Moreover, it is unclear how an American base and Wagner soldiers will be able to coexist on the same territory…

In any case, to show its determination, on August 10, the Conseil national pour la sauvegarde de la patrie (CNSP) announced the formation of a government headed by a civilian Prime Minister, the economist Ali Mahaman Lamine Zeine, former Minister of Finance, and twenty ministers divided between military and patriotic civilians.The Ministers of Defense and Interior are CNSP generals, General Salifou Mody and General Mohamed Toumba.The new government has declared that it has sufficient evidence to prosecute Mohamed Bazoum and senior members of his administration for high treason and for sabotaging the internal and external security of the Republic of Niger.The charges include the massive misappropriation of public funds, the signing of out-of-court defense agreements with France and the bloody repression of peaceful demonstrations.Naturally, this announcement drew an outcry from ECOWAS, which immediately described the move as a provocation.

Rhissa Ag-Boula or “technically, it’s feasible”

Of course, there is a 5th column that the Straussian Victoria Nuland encountered during her visit to Niamey on August 7, a visit where she was spurned by General Tiani, who refused to receive her, and where she was not allowed to see Mohamed Bazoum, as she had demanded. The same profiles of opportunistic traitors can be Rhissa Ag-Boula or “technically, it can be done”.found in every country in the world. The empire’s little soldiers are so much alike: they are journalists, “human rights” activists, opponents, intellectuals, etc. Here’s a well-known one: Rhissa Bazoum. Here’s a well-known one: Rhissa Ag-Boula, Tuareg rebel leader and Nigerien minister in the Bazoum government, who announced on August 8 from Paris – he too seems to be on vacation in Paris – the creation of a Resistance Council for the Republic, with the aim of restoring constitutional order in Niger, arresting the leader of the “putschists”, General Tiani, and freeing President Bazoum. In an interview with Le Monde newspaper, when asked about the possibility of military intervention in the short term, he replied: “Technically, it’s feasible.

The first step is a surgical strike at the palace, where President Bazoum is being held. It’s a matter of two or three strikes, that’s all.Then there will be a stampede within the presidential guard, the unit behind the putsch.” And after that?” There will be nothing afterwards, it will be total calm and a return to order.”

This perfect deputy of France seems quite presumptuous and, knowing that those he calls “mercenaries and war criminals known as Wagner” are protecting the palace in Niamey, the promised stampede is not assured. For all intents and purposes, we inform him of the content of Vladimir Putin’s telegram addressed to the participants of the Army23 international forum which opened this August 14 in Moscow, and quoted by the Tass agency: “Russia is open to deepening equal technological partnership and defense cooperation with other countries, those that seek to protect their national interests and independent development path, and believe it is vital to make joint efforts to build a system based on equality and indivisible security that would reliably protect every country.” Defense Minister Sergei Choigou, for his part, declared that Russia was ready to share with all friendly countries the information it had gathered on the battlefield concerning the vulnerabilities of US and NATO equipment and combat methods. In view of Russia’s masterly trouncing of NATO in the Ukraine, it would be best not to make any rash declarations.

Tinubu: the modern-day Crusader

Let’s talk about these African leaders, these colonized puppets always ready to sell their country to the Western master in exchange for power and fortune.With all due respect, since he is President of ECOWAS thanks to his American sponsors, let’s mention the cartoonish buffoon who, personally, I wouldn’t even want as a scarecrow for sparrows in my garden, the puppet President of Nigeria, Bola Tinubu. The FBI knows all about him, ever since he came to the USA to study. Notorious for corruption, money laundering and all manner of mischief, he is more than happy to clown around at the Elysée Palace in front of his French masters.His proximity to France and, above all, his subservience to the United States, which holds him in the palm of its hand, his policy of obeying the injunctions of the World Bank and the IMF, and his connivance with the underworld of Chicago, the city in which he lived, have made him one of the richest men in Nigeria, to the point where armored trucks carrying funds have been seen at the presidency, to which Tinubu, when questioned on the subject, replied that he did what he wanted with his money.

For years, while studying and working for multinationals in the USA, this thug laundered millions of dollars from heroin trafficking for Chicago drug traffickers, one of whom is none other than his cousin, Adegboyega Mueez Akande.Records show that as far back as the late 1990s, the US government had seized over a million dollars in Tinubu’s various bank accounts from drug trafficking.Wikileaks cables detail his antics at length, showing, among other things, that this scoundrel holds 16 bank accounts.

The U.S. has understood how much it can benefit from this energetic man, who has become a loyal customer of the American Embassy in Nigeria, to which he has been passing on all useful information for years, to the point where the American ambassador said of him after a meeting: “As always, we found his vision of the national political scene to be insightful.”Tinubu also shares with Volodymyr Zelensky the privilege of appearing in the Pandora Papers, with his luxurious villa at 32 Grove End Road, in London’s upmarket Westminster district, acquired by his son Oluwaseyi, principal shareholder of Aranda Overseas Corp., an offshore company registered in the British Virgin Islands. Son Tinubu paid Deutsche Bank £9 million ($10.8 million) to purchase the property in late 2017. And it’s this rotten gangster, the perfect caricature of the corrupt African leader sitting on a mountain of gold, who is imposing sanctions on one of Africa’s poorest countries, Niger, and wants to declare war on it! But the people of Africa are waking up, and according to some sources, there are numerous calls for the Nigerian army to intervene to overthrow this corrupt despot who got himself elected by fraudulent election results. This information has been confirmed by the Nigerian Minister of Defense, who said, “There are plans for the army to overthrow the government of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.”We ask: how long will Tinubu hold on to power before he is ejected from his throne by a coup? And when he does fall, which is no mean feat, who will be next?”

Farewell to Africa, French ” timekeeper “!

It’s clear that the United States will never agree to let Africa come under Russia’s protection.Nuland’s trip to Niger was none other than to persuade the CNSP not to call in the Wagners, in exchange for which the US would probably have recognized the new power, completely disregarding its French ally. Everyone knows that the United States and coups d’état are based on the belief that the United States will never agree to let Africa come under Russia’s protection. Boko Haram, AQIM and “rebel” groups are being activated and, according to our sources, Britain’s MI6, always there to back up Uncle Sam, is preparing to send a detachment to the Sahel made up of around 100 Ukrainian Nazis who have already fought in Ukraine and been trained in the “art” of sabotage. The unit’s task will be to sabotage infrastructure and eliminate African leaders in favor of closer ties with Russia. The detachment is due to be sent to Africa in the second half of August by boat from Izmail and will be led by GUR (Ukrainian military intelligence) lieutenant-colonel Vitaly Praschuk, who has previously distinguished himself in “successful liquidations” and was very active in the Donbass region, Donetsk and Lugansk, between 2014 and 2016. In particular, he was involved in MI6 operations in Zimbabwe.

And so, here we are. The destabilization of Libya was not enough. The whole Sahel is threatening to go up in flames. As Sergei Lavrov said recently: “The attempt to break up Russia using Ukrainian neo-Nazis is part of the US strategy to revive the unipolar order. They are also pursuing the same goal in other regions, where dissidents fall prey to threats and blackmail.” To counter Russian influence in Africa, the Empire will not hesitate to set the Sahel ablaze, using its auxiliaries, whoever they may be: bearded, shaven-headed, turbaned… But let it be clear to everyone that if Algeria feels threatened, its Constitution now allows it to intervene outside its borders, and it will not hesitate to protect its interests and security. It remains for us to hope that Chief of Staff Saïd Chengriha’s appeal to reason during his video-conference address to the 11th Conference on International Security in Moscow will be heard by the West, when he calls on the international community to take serious charge of the causes of crises. But nothing is less certain… What is certain, however, is that the French “master of the clocks”, i.e. Emmanuel Macron, can make a clean sweep of Françafrique.

Translation by Internationalist 360°