September 21, 2021
From Socialist Project

Join Teesri Duniya Theatre for a panel discussion to bring awareness to the evolving crisis facing Afghanistan.

With the departure and abandonment of US, Canadian and international presence, Afghanistan is being made to confront a cycle of violent uprisings and resistance. The illegal occupation of Afghanistan by the international community during the past 20+ years has failed to bring peace or an end to terrorism in the region. It has only served to bring a deeper period of instability and corruption while placing the lives of women, children, and marginalized peoples such as the Hazara communities at severe risk.

In light of recent events, it is clear more than ever that Afghanistan’s fight for sovereignty must be recognized and advocated for. In this period of time, we are once again seeing a mass exodus of Afghans as a repeated history brought forth by the impacts of imperialism, colonization, and Taliban rule.

This panel will look closely at the conditions that internally displaced and migrant Afghans face while providing a helpful guide for the greater public’s support of Afghanistan.

In the words of Afghan poet Qahar Asi: “Until my hands grasp the sun, I battle with all things dark and bleak, no shame in saying no and being stubborn, as this is the zenith of my art and cultural integrity.”

Moderated by: Matthew Jones
Featuring Panelists: Shaista Latif, Ariel Nasr & Rahul Varma