December 20, 2023
From In Defense Of Communism

On 19 December 2023, the US Peace Council announced the death of comrade Alfred Marder, a steadfast internationalist, and anti-imperialist, died last night. Al was exactly one month shy of reaching 102 years old.

In a statement, the World Peace Council (WPC) reads:

The World Peace Council received with deep sadness the information
about the demise of our beloved comrade Alfred Marder, veteran leader of
the U.S. Peace Council and President of Honor, who passed away in the
age of 102 years in his hometown, New Haven, Connecticut.

Our comrade Alfred was for all his life a fighter for peace and
social justice, a dedicated communist from his youth times and a
champion of the struggle for workers’ rights in the USA and worldwide.
He faced and fought against the anti-communist witch hunting in the
1950s. As a genuine internationalist struggling in the USA he never lost
the clear anti-imperialist orientation and class instinct. In his
decades’ long service to the Peace Movement in the USA as President of
the U.S. Peace Council but also internationally as part of the
leadership of the WPC, Alfred never gave up the hopes and efforts,
despite the difficulties and obstacles the movement faced. He
contributed along with other veterans decisively to the reconstruction
of the World Peace Council after the year 2000 when the character of the
WPC was at stake.

For all comrades in the WPC who had the privilege to know and work
with comrade Al, he was a source of inspiration and courage with his
conviction that the ideals for which we stand will prevail and win.
Alfred Marder served the WPC as Vice-President of the WPC for many years
and as Member of the WPC Secretariat.

The WPC expresses its grief and conveys the condolences of the
anti-imperialist peace movement to the U.S. Peace Council and to the
family of Alfred Marder. His example and contribution will be remembered
by the future generations in the WPC. The “gap” Alfred is leaving will
be filled by the struggles to come, for a World of Peace and Social
Justice, against imperialist wars and exploitation.