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League Of Young Communists (USA)


“To create a better world, I now take my place in the ranks of the international communist movement and the Party of Communists USA, the Party of the American working class (and its youth organization, the League of Young Communists USA). I take this solemn oath to give the best that is in me to the service of my class. I pledge myself to spare…

LYC Red Patriot Magazine

In an initial effort for LYC propaganda and publications, the CC of the LYC has created “Red Patriot” an online magazine which has a monthly print version available. Red Patriot is the online magazine of the Central Committee of the League of Young Communists USA, providing a news service for American youths.…

Free susana prieto terrazas!

The Party of Communists of the United States of America (PCUSA) denounces the arbitrary arrest and detention of labor lawyer and activist Susan Prieto Terrazas by authorities in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. The PCUSA demands her immediate release. Susan Prieto Terrazas is a Mexican lawyer, with offices in Chihuahua and Tamaulipas, who has devoted…

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