February 6, 2024
From Fight Back News

Car Rally for Palestine takes South Florida’s streets for the first time

By staff

February 6, 2024

Solidarity with Palestine on the roads of South Florida. | Fight Back! News/staff

Pompano Beach, FL – On January 28, over 100 vehicles drove as a caravan across Fort Lauderdale at minimum speed to show solidarity with Palestine. The “Car Rally for Palestine” demonstrated the pride and solidarity of those in the South Florida community feel towards Palestine’s resistance during the ongoing genocide in Gaza.

Led by a video truck which played music and displayed images and facts about the atrocities the Zionist occupation forces have visited upon Palestine, drivers decorated their cars with painted and real Palestinian flags and wore Keffiyehs. Slogans of “Long live Palestine” and “Free Palestine” rang out as occupants shouted from windows and waved flags from sun roofs on Interstate 95.

The slow-moving possession backed up traffic and drew the attention of motorists and beachgoers wherever it went. Viewers were confronted by facts wherever they looked. Special emphasis given to the thousands of children buried under the rubble of Gaza by U.S. weapons and the thousands more kidnapped from their families into “administrative detention.”

Organizer Alexandra Capecci explained that this car rally was meant to “show that there is a community in South Florida that supports Palestine, and by being in a caravan we were able to stay safe and spread awareness while showing people that aren’t as familiar with the movement that they can get involved and inspire them to get involved and feel comfortable.”

Many organizations were represented at the event such as Palestine Car Rally, Students for Justice in Palestine at Florida International University, Al-Awda, Jewish Voices for Peace of South Florida, Democratic Socialists of America, Jose Marti Youth, and Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

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Source: Fightbacknews.org