February 27, 2022
From Communist Party Of Britain (UK)

Meeting at the weekend the Welsh Communists condemned the unjustifiable invasion of Ukraine by Putin’s forces and called for an immediate ceasefire and withdrawal of troops.

Welsh Secretary David Morgan told the meeting

‘People of all ethnicities in Ukraine, regardless, if they are Ukrainian, Russian, Tatar, Moldavian, or Hungarian, speakers, now find themselves caught in the tug of war between the competing imperialist powers of Russia, NATO and the EU.  The only path to protect human life and rights to self-determination is through immediate ceasefire and a return to negotiations’

He added

‘Wales has a proud tradition of standing up to imperialist war mongers.  Already in this century thousands across Wales have played our part in opposing war in Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan.  We are needed once again to put forward the simple but vital message “Stop the War!”’

The meeting condemned Kier Starmer and the Labour party leadership’s persecution of peace activists within labour ranks.  Pushing a pro-NATO line and ignoring the inter-imperialist nature of the war can only prolong the human misery and lead to protracted conflict.

On the domestic front, the meeting called for continued campaigning on the Cost of Living Crisis through the establishment of more local Peoples Assembly groups across the length and breadth of Wales.  In this first phase groups are being established or re-established in Swansea, Bangor and Clwyd.  Along with existing groups this will ensure local community focused input from Wales into the continuing Britain wide campaign.  

Source: Communistparty.org.uk