October 1, 2023
From In Defense Of Communism

In a joint statement, the Communist Party of Sweden (SKP) and its youth wing, SKU, comment on the recent rise of gang crime in the country and the government’s plan to deploy the armed forces in order to deal with the situation. 

More specifically, the statement, which was published in the Party’s official site “Riktpunkt“, points out:

“Since the Swedish military shot the communist workers who were in the demonstration train in Ådalen in 1931, the Swedish military has not been used for police purposes. That is going to change now. With a broad consensus, from the Social Democrats to the Sweden Democrats, they now want to allow the military to once again patrol our streets.

As communists we refuse this, partly because we see the strengthening of the repressive role of the bourgeois state as a negative development for the working population and partly because we know that the organized crime we now see has been nurtured by capitalism. Now the people are reaping what capitalism has sown.

Every school cut, every unemployed parent and every dilapidated home has created crime. Every closed leisure park, every wage cut and every increase in insecurity has created crime. Social problems create crime; it does not occur in a vacuum. More repression does not solve problems that could only have been solved decades ago.

The aggressive austerity policy that government after government has directed at the people, which has robbed the people of welfare, faith in the future, work and economic stability has created the fertile ground in which the gangs can now recruit. The deterioration of job security and the abolition of the right to strike suppresses people and makes a life of crime appear attractive. Price increases and huge increases in housing costs force a poverty that people want to get out of.

We hold all the politicians and all the capitalists responsible because, in their own interest, forced the development that we see for the escalating gang violence. Ultimately, we hold capitalism responsible.

Capitalism cannot offer anything other than what we have today

In a world where the competition between the capitalist countries for market shares, raw materials and transport routes is becoming increasingly sharp, the capitalists of all countries are also forced to take more drastic measures. On the one hand, this results in wars, like the one in Ukraine, which are ultimately a war for domination. On the other hand, it results in a war against the own populations.

Every penny that is spent on the welfare of the people is a penny that is not spent on strengthening the competitiveness of companies, and in times of increased competition within the entire system, every penny matters. The money that was previously invested in our welfare does not go up in smoke after cuts, but instead ends up with capital, which uses the money to increase its profitability and thus also its ability to compete.

Therefore, there is no other way to go under capitalism than the way that is lined with greater cuts, lower wages and harsher conditions in all areas of life. Therefore, capitalism also fuels the crime we see today and it cannot do otherwise. Repression does not help against this, only socialism helps against this.

For this reason, we also oppose all the repressive mechanisms introduced. We oppose juvenile detention. We oppose surveillance. We oppose wiretapping. We oppose harsher penalties. We oppose all measures which aim to forcefully crack down on the ills created by capitalism and therefore hide the fact that capitalism is the problem.

We see the answer in the socialist revolution, which is the only thing that can stop the progress of corporations and monopolies, and which is therefore also the only thing that can stop organized crime.”

Source: Idcommunism.com