February 7, 2023
From In Defense Of Communism

Dear comrades,

We are in deep grief and very sorry to inform you that the destruction and damage caused by the earthquake seem quite massive.

For a brief information: 

The main earthquake of 7.7 magnitude occurred in in the east of our country at 4:17.  

The center of the earthquake is
Kahramanmaraş/Pazarcık. 7 city centers and districts were affected.
Affected cities are mainly Kahramanmaraş, Gaziantep, Diyarbakır,
Şanlıurfa, Malatya, Hatay and Osmaniye. It means a very broad area
indeed. According to the information we have been receiving, there are
quite seriously affected areas in each of these cities. Some of these
areas are away from each other, which makes the management of the crisis
harder. The earthquake was also felt in our neighboring country, Syria,
and caused massive destruction. 

According to the latest official data,
unfortunately, 912* citizens have lost their lives and 5385 are injured.
However, we are sorry to say that, the dimensions of the destruction
seem quite bigger and these numbers will continue to increase. 

Many citizens under the wreckage wait to
be rescued. Severe aftershocks continue. Some of them are even
difficult to be called as aftershocks. A recent one of 7.6 magnitude has
occurred in Kahramanmaraş/Elbistan at 13:34. 

Citizens in the region face harsh winter conditions. 

TKP immediately formed a crisis desk
right after the earthquake. A team of our comrades has left for the
region in order for coordination of rescuing and solidarity work in the
field. Quickly identifying the needs in the region, we started
solidarity activities across the country.  

We still continue to reach and check the
situation of our comrades in the region. There are severe
transportation and telecommunication problems. So, we still could not
ensure the health condition and well-being of some comrades and their

Comrades, we have received several
solidarity messages from you so far. Many thanks for all of them. We
will share a more detailed note on the situation tonight and inform you
on the potential international solidarity work. 


International Bureau of TKP


* According to updated information, more than 4,800 people have lost their lives. 


Source: Idcommunism.com