November 9, 2023
From Syria 360

The Cradle

While the fronts of the Al-Aqsa flood continue to open, the Iraqi resistance has solidified its claim that it will only see to it that US troops leave Iraq by force

The Secretary General of Iraq’s Nujaba Movement, Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi, released a statement on 8 November saying there can be no political solution for Iraq while US troops remain within the country’s borders.

“Whoever thinks that political solutions can benefit [Iraq] is delusional,” Kaabi said. “The medicine is the complete eradication [of the US occupation] so that our country enjoys peace, and we get rid of conspiracies and sedition.”

Kaabi continued by saying that those who ask for a diplomatic solution should “open their eyes well, see the American-Zionist criminality in Gaza, the killing, siege, and starving of children and civilians, and the flagrant violation of humanity.”

The Iraqi resistance leader previously said that “the Iraqi Islamic Resistance has decided to liberate Iraq militarily.”

“The matter is decided; there is no stopping, no appeasement, and no retreat” in the matter, pointing out that “the future is greater,” Kaadi said.

Iraqi resistance factions have significantly increased their attacks against US bases in Iraq and Syria over the past several weeks.

“It is time for the international coalition forces to leave Iraq, as there is no longer a need or justification for their survival.” Secretary-General of the Badr Organization, Hadi Al-Amiri, had previously said. “As long as the international coalition forces are present in Iraq, no one expects to build the military capabilities of the Iraqi army.”

For its part, the Iraqi government has condemned all attacks on US bases.

“At a time when the Iraqi government has expressed, on several occasions, its condemnation of the Zionist aggression against the population of the Gaza Strip and reiterated its calls to end the tragic situation suffered by our Palestinian brothers,” Major General Yahya Rasoul told Shafaq News Agency on behalf of Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani last month.

“We also confirm our rejection of attacks targeting Iraqi bases, which include the headquarters of the international coalition advisers present in Iraq, at the official invitation of the government.”

Sudani had previously said that foreign combat troops on Iraqi land should leave the nation for resistance groups to give up their arms.