December 2, 2022
From The Real News Network
Cops searched him for an hour but couldn't find a crime, so they used more aggressive tactics | PAR

Phillip Hamm was on the road with a friend in Paducah, Kentucky, when he was pulled over by local police over a busted tail light. Instead of letting him go, the officer held Hamm for over an hour, during which time he forced Hamm to undergo a sobriety test, searched his person, and demanded access to his vehicle. When Hamm declined, the police brought over a canine unit and searched his car. Despite finding nothing, officers tested dollar bills from Hamm’s wallet for methamphetamine and then arrested him on felony drug charges. Police Accountability Report examines the footage of Hamm’s arrest as an example of how police routinely abuse their power to manufacture the outcomes they want. Phillip Hamm himself also joins the show to speak on his ordeal.

Studio: Stephen Janis
Post-Production: Stephen Janis, Adam Coley


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