November 18, 2023
From The Militant

Statement by Naomi Craine, Socialist Workers Party candidate for U.S. Congress from Illinois, Nov. 15.

Hamas’ bloody pogrom in Israel, orchestrated by Tehran, was the most deadly massacre of Jews since the Nazi extermination of 6 million people in the Holocaust. Moscow’s genocidal attempt to destroy Ukraine and its people is the largest ground war in Europe since the horrors inflicted on working people by the imperialist powers — the U.S., U.K. and their rivals — in World War II.

The defeat of both Hamas and Moscow is in the interests of working people everywhere. It would provide better conditions for working people of all religions and nationalities to join together, organize and fight for what our class needs.

These battles mark a watershed in world politics, shaking up classes, parties and governments worldwide, with violent and explosive consequences. They herald a deepening crisis of the imperialist world order, one that will breed more social catastrophes, Jew-hatred and wars. Above all, the crisis is preparing the ground for revolutionary struggles by working people that can uproot the decaying capitalist system and the class violence we live under.

Millions of workers are being drawn into politics, as today’s wars and economic disasters reach everywhere. They’re open to discussing why workers need to see our class as an independent political force.

This watershed in world politics takes place amid an uptick in union battles. More workers are using their unions to fight for protection from the assaults by the profit-driven boss class. They’re walking picket lines, learning confidence in one another, working to win solidarity and gaining vital class-struggle experience and know-how that bodes well for the deeper class battles that lie ahead.

The workings of capitalism have drawn unprecedented numbers into the working class — from Asia to Africa and Latin America — transforming our class into a social force with immense potential power.

Utilizing that power requires advancing workers’ confidence in ourselves, rather than looking to those who exploit us, or to their political parties. It requires fighting Jew-hatred, the consequences of which were shown in the Holocaust, and defending all the oppressed from the forces of reaction.

It requires recognizing workers are part of a class with common interests, irreconcilably opposed to the capitalist class and their middle-class servants who insist we choose the lesser of two evils in every election.

Utilizing our power requires building a revolutionary party with a leadership that boldly charts a course to mobilize millions of workers of all nationalities to replace capitalist rule with workers power. This is an epoch of socialist revolution, not fascist reaction.

Join the Socialist Workers Party fighting for this class-struggle perspective.