September 23, 2021
From Fuck Yeah Marxism-Leninism

September 24 – October 2

  • Biden: Halt Your Racist Border Patrol
  • Stop the Whippings and Racist Deportations NOW!  

Progressive organizations and activists in solidarity with Haitian refugees will hold protests around the country demanding the Biden administration end state terror at the border and deportations. In Texas, refugees face life-threatening conditions and brutal racist terror by U.S. policies and Klan-like Border Patrol agents.

We demand:

-Immediate firing and prosecution of all those responsible for the whipping and hate speech used against Haitian refugees, witnessed by and documented in the videos of various news organizations, including Al Jazeera;

-Provide permanent shelter and health care, including access to COVID-19 vaccinations, to all arrivals at the border;

-Extend Temporary Protection Status indefinitely for those facing deportations;

-Provide asylum to all arrivals;

-End the use of Title 42 to deny humane immigration policies and its racist and selective use of justifying the denial for the majority of non-European peoples;

– Reparations not deportations!

Initial Endorsers:
Harriet Tubman Center for Social Justice – Los Angeles; Union del Barrio; Puerto Rican Alliance; National Young Lords Organization; BAYAN-SoCal; AIM – SoCal; OCCUPY ICE – LA, Socialist Unity Party; Christopher Silvera, Secretary-Treasurer, Teamsters Local 808 – NY; Clarence Thomas, author, “Organizing In Our Own Name: Million Worker March”; Peoples Power Assembly – Baltimore; Moratorium Now – Detroit; MECAWI – Detroit; Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement.

Add your endorsement here:

Please consider doing an action, regardless of size, during this week.  Pick an ICE office, Federal Building, City Hall, or stand at a busy intersection with signs. Every action is important. This is an emergency!




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