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On Saturday 4 March, the CPGB-ML will be organising an event in London to coincide with actions taking place worldwide, coordinated by the World Anti-Imperialist Platform.

These events, taking place in cities across the globe, form a part of the Platform’s next international programme, which is focused this time in Caracas, Venezuela, where an international antiwar conference will be hosted jointly with the Sao Paulo forum, and a mass demonstration in Caracas will be organised by Venezuela’s ruling PSUV.

Event details

With the capitalist economic crisis deepening every day, workers everywhere are suffering an acute cost of living crisis.

Instead of trying to address the people’s desperate needs, the rulers of the neo-nazi imperialist alliance, especially the USA and Britain, are responding to the crisis with austerity and repression for the masses at home.

At the same time, they are throwing huge resources into their rampant drive towards war, through which they aim to boost corporate profit-margins by dominating the world and supressing all resistance to their looting.

With this war drive threatening to engulf the world, the World Anti-Imperialist Platform is bringing its focus to Latin America, where an international antiwar conference and mass rally will be held in Caracas, home of the Bolivarian Revolution and one of the centres of Latin-American resistance to imperialist domination.

On the same day, workers will be meeting and demonstrating all over the world, standing in solidarity with the forces of resistance in Latin America and elsewhere on the front lines of Nato’s wars.

From Caracas to Paris, from Belgrade to Santiago, from London to Seoul,


US bases out; Yankees go home!
Disband Nato; No cooperation with imperialist war!

Confirmed speakers so far

Rocío del Valle Maneiro González, Venezuelan ambassador
Guisell Morales Echaverry, Nicaraguan ambassador
Ninca Kosta, CPGB-ML

More tbc

Download meeting leaflet as a pdf.

Source: Thecommunists.org