January 31, 2024
From Socialist Voice

Statement by the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) 

It is not possible to talk about the emergence of the Israeli entity outside the framework of the doctrine of the massacres it committed since 1948, as the Israeli occupation sought, with direct support from the colonial Western countries, to erase the effects of those crimes and the forced displacement and ethnic cleansing they caused against the Palestinian people, which are documented by United Nations institutions. Enemy historians are currently trying to present new narratives with direct support from official legislative, judicial and executive institutions in order to deny and obscure the Palestinian narrative and establish the Zionist narrative as the only truth. 

The plan to displace the population of the Gaza Strip is not new, and every time documents leak that confirm that this plan has been on the agenda of the occupation and its supporters for decades, and in all the wars launched against the Strip, the goal was the same: getting rid of the security nuisance posed by the Gaza Strip and imposing mass displacement on Its population. Given Israel’s inability to achieve its declared goals of its current aggression that has been ongoing for more than three months, it had only one of two means, or both: either mass displacement or murder. 

Displacement from the West Bank: 

Since the first day of the occupation of the West Bank in 1967, the Zionist project has adopted a policy of tightly linking settlement with the theft of land and the displacement of its owners. In a general overview of the reality of settlement, it becomes clear that it is a systematic policy adopted by official Zionist institutions to create material facts on the ground whose results cannot be ignored in any future negotiating process. Israel is pursuing a clear policy regarding controlling the land through several forms, including: 

  • Forcibly transferring residents and forcing them to leave their homes, either by administrative decisions, punitive cases of residents, or military considerations. There are many examples of this policy. 
  • According to United Nations data, in 2022, Israel demolished about 708 private Palestinian homes, and during the first half of 2023 alone, 256 homes were demolished, and their residents were asked to leave. 

In addition to other forms such as confiscation of lands for reasons that are often unknown, deprivation of residency rights and then control over the land, or direct control over it by the settlers by force of arms and without the intervention of the occupation army, which usually provides protection for the heavily armed settlers. Zionist data indicated in 2017 that 2022 that there are 200 thousand weapons in the hands of the settlers, and recently one of the pillars of the Israeli government (Itamar Ben Gvir) distributed tens of thousands of military weapons to the settlers and the goal is to kill the Palestinians and push them to leave their land. 

Forced displacement from the Gaza Strip: 

With the start of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, it began to become clear that forced and mass population displacement is one of Israel’s goals, and every detail of the aggression confirms that this project is still at the forefront of the Israeli government’s concerns, according to what was announced by the United Nations. 

Although the United States and the European Union countries announced their rejection of such plans, this rejection is merely positions that cannot be trusted. Because Israel continues its strategy of dealing with this plan and seeking to impose it by force of death and destruction. It is not possible to reconcile the rejection of forced and mass population displacement projects with the cover that Western countries provide for Israel to continue its aggression under misleading slogans entitled “self-defense.” Because everyone knows that Israel is realistically practicing a policy of mass displacement. 

In practice, the United States of America does not refuse to displace Palestinians outside the Gaza Strip, and its daily positions and policies confirm that it adopts this plan. Aside from the positions of some members of Congress who explicitly call for the displacement of refugees from Gaza, American documents have been leaked confirming that the United States is directly involved in the project to displace Palestinians. 

The project of mass displacement of the Palestinian people from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank is a real plan in which Israel, the United States of America, and some Western and Arab countries participate, but it cannot be imposed on the ground except in one case only, which is Israel’s possession of the field in all its details and the crushing of Palestinian resistance as a reality, idea, and culture. This is something that seems clearly impossible to achieve, which makes the conflict continue regardless of the results of the aggression on the Gaza Strip, because the displacement of the Palestinian people outside of Palestine will remain an essential pillar of the Zionist project, which has begun to fray in many of its details. 

We have called and reiterate our call to international organizations and Western countries not to be false witnesses to the crimes of genocide committed against the Palestinian people, and they bear political, legal and humanitarian responsibilities in terms of exercising their influence on Israel to stop the deportation plan as it is a war crime whose perpetrators must be held accountable. 

We also call on the political forces and Western parties to condemn the plans for the mass displacement of the population, and to push their governments to condemn these projects that the occupation seeks to impose with force of destruction, killing, and difficult humanitarian conditions, which requires an immediate halt to the aggression, the return of all displaced people to their homes without restrictions or conditions, and the lifting of the siege completely. Complete and comprehensive, including all food and health aid and humanitarian needs, and launching an international workshop to rebuild what was destroyed by the aggression. 

Source: Socialistvoice.ie