May 10, 2023
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In response to the brutal Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip for two days in a row, where “Israel” massacred scores of Palestinians, including three Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) leaders, the Palestinian Resistance launches Operation Avenging the Free to retaliate for the Israeli crimes that did not even spare children or women.

The Palestinian Resistance factions have launched Operation Avenging the Free against the Israeli occupation in response to the occupation’s aggression on the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian Resistance declared through a statement published regarding the matter.

The Palestinian Resistance factions’ joint operations room issued a statement regarding the retaliation effort, saying Operation Avenging the Free consisted of launching hundreds of rockets at the military sites of the Israeli occupation forces and illegal Israeli settlements.

Operation Avenging the Free comes in response to the assassination of senior officials through brutal air raids on the Gaza Strip, which led to the martyrdom of numerous Palestinian civilians due to the occupation’s targeting of residential buildings.

“The bombing of residential homes, the violation of Palestinian sovereignty, and the killing of our men and leaders is a red line that must not be crossed,” the joint operations room said. “The occupation’s aggression will be fiercely met, and the enemy will pay dearly for its actions.”

“All options are on the table for the Palestinian resistance, and if the occupation goes too far with its aggression and arrogance, dark days await it,” the statement further stressed.

“The resistance will remain on all of the homelands’ fronts as one unit and a sword and shield in the hands of our people, our land, and our sanctities,” the Palestinian factions underlined.

This comes after the Israeli occupation launched at Tuesday dawn a heinous aggression against the Gaza Strip, targeting civilian homes and several locations, and murdering 21 Palestinians thus far, including women and children.

After the warplanes bombed the blockaded Strip, the Israeli government ordered its settlers in the settlements of the Gaza envelope to go into bomb shelters until further notice.

The Israeli occupation forces said the Israeli Air Force’s air raids on Gaza have martyred Jihad Ghannam, the chief of the southern command of the PIJ’s armed wing, the Al-Quds Brigades, and his wife.

The Israeli occupation’s air raids also targeted Islamic Jihad spokesperson Tarek Ezzedine’s house. The PIJ official was martyred.

Another martyr was the commander of the northern region of the Islamic Jihad, Commander Khalil Al-Bahtimi.

Al Mayadeen

‘Just the beginning’: Salvoes of Gaza rockets hit Israeli settlements

The joint operations room of the Palestinian Resistance factions is leading at this time response to the crimes of the Israeli enemy in the Gaza Strip, and it will continue to carry out its duty regardless of the challenges they are facing, the spokesperson for the Resistance Committees in Palestine, Mohammad Al-Buraim said Wednesday.

“The Palestinian resistance in all its forms, led by Al-Nasser Salah al-Din Brigades, is now unifiedly participating in teaching the enemy an unforgettable lesson that they will not forget and underlining that Palestinian blood is not cheap,” Al-Buraim added.

The Palestinian official lauded the Palestinian people, especially those in the Gaza Strip, pledging that the resistance would continue confronting the Israeli occupation without disregarding the blood of the fallen martyrs.

This comes after Hamas Spokesperson Abdel Latif Al-Qanou said that the strikes of the unified Resistance are “part of the process of responding to the massacre committed by the Zionist occupation, and come within the framework of its defense of our Palestinian people.”

Al-Qanou held “Israel” responsible for the consequences of expanding its aggression, stressing that the occupation “will continue to pay the price for its foolishness, and its continuous aggression will blow up the region and lead its army to hell.”

Navigational data also say air traffic was disrupted at Ben Gurion Airport in “Tel Aviv” as a result of the rocket fire from Gaza.

Sources in the Palestinian Resistance confirmed to Al Mayadeen on Wednesday that “the response to the Israeli aggression has just begun,” affirming that this is just the beginning.

Al Mayadeen correspondent in occupied Palestine reported that rocket salvoes were fired from the Gaza Strip.

This was followed by sirens sounding in a number of illegal Israeli settlements in the Gaza envelope settlements and the occupied city of Askalan, as Israeli occupation warplanes launched new airstrikes that targeted agricultural lands in northern Gaza.

According to Israeli media, the so-called Israeli “Home Front Command” directed all illegal settlers within a distance of 40 km from the Gaza Strip to head to fortified chambers, based on its assessment that this will not be the response of the Islamic Jihad movement, but rather the response will be stronger.

The Israeli media pointed out that the massive firing of rockets from Gaza in the meantime indicates the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) movement’s ability to launch heavy rocket salvoes toward “Israel”, noting that the PIJ’s rocket-firing strategy is based on not taking a break between one salvo and another.

The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation cited initial reports about a direct hit in “Sderot”.

Navigational data also reported that air traffic was disrupted at Ben Gurion Airport in “Tel Aviv” as a result of the rocket fire from Gaza.

Israeli media suggested that the intense rocket fire from Gaza signifies that Hamas is participating in the battle. Kan also said Hamas has entered the battle.

Commenting on the matter, Hamas Spokesperson Abdel Latif Al-Qanou said the rocket fire from Gaza is on behalf of the unified Resistance front in response to the recent massacre committed by the Israeli occupation.

Earlier, Al Mayadeen correspondent in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday reported that a Palestinian was martyred and another was seriously injured in an Israeli occupation shelling that targeted east of Khan Yunis, in the southern Strip.

Our correspondent earlier today said the body of the martyr, identified as Mohammad Abu Tuaimeh, 25, and the other wounded man arrived at the European Hospital in the Gaza Strip.

Local sources reported that Israeli occupation forces targeted a group of farmers east of Khan Yunis.

Later, Al Mayadeen correspondent in Gaza said Israeli shelling targeted several areas in the Strip, including the vicinity of Al-Baydar area, southwest of Gaza City.

The occupation simultaneously targeted Al-Qarara, Abasan Al-Kabira, and east of Rafah.

Our correspondent mentioned that Israeli occupation authorities directed settlers in the vicinity of the Gaza Strip to head to fortified chambers and shelters immediately.

On Tuesday, PIJ official Mohammad Al-Hindi pointed out that the Resistance is evaluating the field situation in order to take the decision to respond to the Israeli occupation’s aggression against Gaza.

In an interview for Al Mayadeen, Al-Hindi affirmed that the response to the aggression is underway, and there is no value in any negotiations now, noting that the decision is up to the leaders of the operations room.

The PIJ official underlined that the Israeli occupation cannot restore its deterrence or deter the Palestinian Resistance factions.

This comes after the Israeli occupation launched at Tuesday dawn a heinous aggression against the Gaza Strip, targeting civilian homes and several locations, and murdering 15 Palestinians, including five women and four children.

Al Mayadeen