November 5, 2023
From Internationalist 360

This week on a dynamic episode of the global Research News Hour we are turning our attention to the explosion of all peace between Israel and Gaza following the devastating attack by Hamas on Israeli citizens and the show of support from world leaders, from the US, Canada, France and elsewhere giving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu moral support to not only inflict violence on Palestinians, but also to wage genocide on the population greater than any level since the creation of the Israeli State in 1948. In our first half hour, Canadian activists Yves Engler and Ken Stone speak up about the role of the Canadian government and about protests in Hamilton affecting the left wing New Democratic Party. In our second half hour, we hear from Journalist Rob Inlakesh about the many unverified and plausibly incorrect stories in Israel and Gaza circulating on mainstream and social media. Finally, Phil Giraldi a former counter-terrorist expert spelled out how this attack by Hamas which sparked a brand new war on terrorism was also a false flag incident.

This week on the Global Research News Hour, we continue to investigate the situation in Israel-Gaza and with an emphasis on the reaction to the escalation of the situation in the 75 year history of the divide. In our first half hour, Pan-African News Wire editor Aboyomi Azikiwe shares his thoughts and analysis of why much of the world is resisting the Israeli response to the Hamas Oct 7 attack to levels rivalling the Iraq War resistance 20 years ago. Then in our second half hour, Chris Cook of radio station CFUV’s Gorilla Radio bring us a conversation from earlier this week with physician Tarek Loubani about the silencing of his colleague Ben Thomson and other humanitarian dissenters in the current age of suppression.

This week, on the Global Research News Hour, As the genocidal intentions of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is being made clear following the Hamas Attack on Israel and as deaths of Palestinians in Gaza is piling up to close to 10,000, we spend another week analyzing the situation with an emphasis on whether or not this pivotal moment will spread beyond Gaza. In part one of our interview, we are joined by the geopolitical analyst and author Mahdi Nazemroaya who gives us his take on the plan based on past statements and on where this conflict may be headed. Near the end, we are joined by activist, lawyer and journalist Dimitri Lascaris who shares his own thoughts and analysis following his trip in recent weeks to Lebanon where he saw the energies of the people in the streets and the Israeli soldiers minding the store on the north side.