August 23, 2023
From Internationalist 360

Isabelle Papillon
Jimmy Cherizier, at his press briefing, on Thursday August 17, 2023 fixed his position on the possible arrival of the Kenyan police force

Wednesday August 16, 2023, the Haitian citizen, former police officer Jimmy Chérizier alias Barbecue had invited the press so that he too gave his opinion on the fate of the nation in the face of this Kenyan police force announced to restore security in the country.

After greeting the various presses present and thanking them for having responded to his invitation, Chérizier entered directly into the substance of his subject, namely military force.

According to him, « foreign force will only be applauded under the following conditions :

1 … Arrest of de facto Prime Minister Ariel Henry who helped put the country in this situation.

2 … Arrest of corrupt oligarchs, corrupt politicians and police who sell arms in working-class neighborhoods;

3 … Security so that life can resume properly in the country.

However, being children of Jean Jacques Dessalines, having his blood flowing in our veins, things will happen differently if this force comes to commit abuses in working-class neighborhoods.

2023 is not 2004, and the current problem is much more serious than before.

If we find that this foreign force violates women and girls as agents of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti ( Minustah ) did so in 2004 ;

If we find that this foreign force rapes young boys as the Uruguayan soldiers did in 2004 ;

If this force « brings the Cholera » as the Nepalese peacekeepers had done.

If the agents of this force come to the disadvantaged neighborhoods ( ghettos ) to open fire, kill people or massacre them as they see fit.

We will fight them to our last drop of blood and it is not the G9 alone that will do it, but the Haitian people.  We have a duty and a responsibility to protect and defend our dignity and also to be able to live like human beings. »

The American State Department was quick to answer Chérizier in these terms :

« The American government condemns in the strongest terms the actions and statements of gang leaders like Chérizier who paralyzed a large part of Port-au-Prince and the department of Artibonite and displaced more than 100,000 Haitians.

The US administration would continue to work to hold accountable those in Haiti who commit gross human rights violations and significant corruption

 The United States sanctioned Chérizier in December 2020 as part of the global Magnitski sanctions program for human rights violations related to his role in the attack on La Saline. The violent attack launched against the population of the disadvantaged district of Port-au-Prince in 2018 which left at least 71 dead.

Chérizier was also appointed by a resolution of the United Nations Security Council for its role in the economic and humanitarian crisis which paralyzed Haiti in 2022. The gang leader is accused of the blockade of the capital’s largest oil terminal, Varreux, which has triggered a national gas and electricity crisis.

Our support for the creation of a multinational force to restore security and stability in Haiti remains unshakable » said the spokesperson for the United States Department of State by email to the voice of America ( VOA ).