October 3, 2023
From Internationalist 360

On Oct. 2, 2023, the United Nations Security Council voted, with Russia and China abstaining, to authorize a nominally Kenyan-led multinational foreign intervention into Haiti, a deployment that violates Kenyan, Haitian, and international law, Haïti Liberté journalist Kim Ives told TRT World.

“The troops are going to create a huge mess,” Ives said. “The Kenyans being in front, this is just black-face on a U.S.-Canadian effort.”

“The target of these [invading] forces… are the people fighting the criminal gangs, armed neighborhood defense committees… which are also calling for a revolution,” Ives continued.

The force being deployed is not a traditional UN “peacekeeper” force, known often as “Blue Helmets.” It is instead a U.S.-recruited multinational force, fronted for by the Kenyans, which will be acting without UNSC oversight.

This is the first time this formula, which reflects the multipolar world, has ever been used. At yesterday’s Security Council meeting, the U.S. State Department’s Jeffrey DeLaurentis crowed that Washington had managed “to create a new way of preserving global peace and security.”

Proposed Kenyan-Led Invasion of Haiti is a “Recipe for Disaster”

The UN Security Council meets today to vote on whether to approve a non-UN force’s military intervention into Haiti in the coming weeks.

Journalist Kim Ives spoke to Turkish television’s TRT World on Sep. 30, 2023 to give Haïti Liberté’s analysis of the looming invasion by the Multinational Security Support mission (MSS) that primarily the U.S. and Canada are proposing. The force would be headed by Kenya.

Calling Kenya Washington’s “poodle,” Ives argues that the real U.S. goal is not to “tackle gang violence” as it claims but to “stop a revolution” against its puppet, de facto Prime Minister Dr. Ariel Henry.

Ives calls the deployment of 1,000 Kenyan police officers “a real recipe for disaster,” much like the two past UN interventions in Haiti in 1994 and 2004.

Source: Libya360.wordpress.com