November 16, 2023
From Syria 360

First, we pay tribute to the souls of our people’s martyrs and pray to Allah for the speedy recovery of our wounded.

We salute the heroes of the resistance and the victorious Al-Qassam Brigades, who tirelessly defend our people, our land, and our Islamic and Christian holy sites in every location, most recently in the heroic operation carried out this morning by Al-Qassam fighters from Al-Khalil, where they stormed a military checkpoint south of occupied Al-Quds, resulting in the killing and injuring of several occupation soldiers.

Firstly: The occupation’s aggression on the Al-Shifa Medical Complex:

– Last night, the occupation committed a brutal war crime by storming and attacking with tanks the Al-Shifa Medical Complex, in a blatant violation of the sanctity of a health institution protected by the Fourth Geneva Convention.

– The occupation’s soldiers and officers terrorized the patients, detaining them in departments barbarically, amidst a complete blackout of electricity and water. They tampered with all departments and the pharmacy, destroyed the drug warehouse, and damaged the MRI machine in the hospital.

– After twenty hours of assaulting all the hospital’s facilities, searching, and tampering with its contents and departments, the occupation army’s spokesperson, as usual, came up with a weak, ridiculous narrative, claiming to have found several Kalashnikov rifles, a laptop, a military uniform, and a shoe, displaying them on shelves as if in a supermarket or hotel room.

– This is a weak play that the occupation resorted to and prepared to cover up the fall of its alleged narrative, and it became apparent to everyone the lies of them and the U.S. administration that promoted the occupation’s claims, without evidence or proof. Can a few rifles, along with a military uniform and a shoe, brought by the occupation to the MRI room where doctors and radiology specialists work around the clock, constitute an operations room a command and control center for Al-Qassam Brigades, which is bombarding the occupation every minute and hour across the length and breadth of Gaza Strip?!

– In addition to the absurdity and falsehood of the narrative, the occupation is fundamentally unqualified to be judge and ruler as the opponent and enemy. Therefore, we have been and are still demanding the United Nations and international organizations, for two weeks, to form an international committee to examine the reality of the hospitals and to expose the occupation’s lies, as we realize that this occupation will resort to misleading, lies, and fabrications.

– How did it occur to them to place weapons in the MRI room?! Is it logical to directly open a suspected bag, when in such cases, they take the utmost security precautions and bring in a specialized team for handling explosives or a bring a robot?

– After the exposure of the occupation’s narrative’s weakness and the fragility of its “evidence” to its claims, which have become a subject of ridicule worldwide, we do not rule out that the occupation will resort to fabricating a new theatrical play to market its lies.

– After this resounding scandal of the occupation and its false narrative, we hold the leaders of the occupation and President Biden directly responsible for this crime, and for all crimes against our children, women, and unarmed civilians who are killed with American weapons, and under the cover of President Biden and his administration, partners in this crime.

– We remind the world, the United Nations, the Red Cross, and all international institutions, who know and remain silent about holding the occupation accountable for crimes of ethnic cleansing and genocide in Gaza: the occupation has put 25 out of 35 hospitals out of service is continuing to cut off electricity and fuel and prevent the delivery of medicines to all remaining hospitals and medical centers, exposing all patients to the risk of death as it did in the Rantisi Hospital when it forcibly evacuated the medical staff and left some premature infants to die in cold blood.

Where are you in the face of what the occupation is doing, and where are your legal and ethical responsibilities to protect internationally protected medical institutions?

History will hold you accountable for your negligence in succumbing to American and zionist pressures, and violating obligations of international and humanitarian law.

Secondly: Rafah Crossing and humanitarian corridors:

– We are still waiting for the implementation of the decision of the emergency Arab and Islamic summit, calling for breaking the siege, and the immediate entry of relief materials, fuel, and medicines. I emphasize the word immediately. This decision has been in place for six days now..!!

– We express our gratitude and appreciation to the countries that provided humanitarian relief aid and delivered it to Egypt in preparation for its entry into the Strip. We call on those countries, and all Arab and Islamic countries, to put pressure on Washington to bring in medicines and fuel, and to reject any formula in which the occupation controls the entry of medicines, fuel and relief materials, which is a natural right of the Palestinian people through the Egyptian-Palestinian Rafah crossing.

– Here, we do not absolve UNRWA and the United Nations of their legal and international responsibilities for the care of displaced persons and refugees in the Gaza Strip. It is not enough for you to merely appeal; there is a clear and direct responsibility on your shoulders.

Thirdly: The prisoners in the occupation’s prisons:

– In the movement, we are following the conditions of our heroic prisoners, as the occupation has arrested more than 2,800 since Al-Aqsa Flood battle, bringing their number to more than 9,000. We are also monitoring the severe, inhumane violations against them amid the silence of international institutions and their blindness to violations against our Palestinian people, where five of our heroic prisoners have been martyred under severe torture since October 7.

The so-called Minister of National Security, the mentally ill so-called “Ben Gvir,” and the Nazi-like security system of the occupation futilely attempt to pressure our heroic prisoners by restricting them, depriving them of their legal rights as prisoners, and practicing various sadistic, Nazi-like forms of physical torture and psychological harm.

– We say to Ben-Gvir, the mentally ill, and the new Nazis: whether you like it or not, these heroes will be released from prisons. We will not stop until they are freed and enjoy freedom, as this is a pledge we have made to ourselves and we will not back down from it, God willing.

Fourthly: The global movement and solidarity with the Palestinian people:

– We highly value the popular movements that continue to roam capitals in solidarity with the Palestinian people, and rejection of the aggression and genocide committed by the new Nazis in the Gaza Strip.

– Together, we will confront these evil murderers, the new Nazis who threaten the world with chaos. This is a sacred mission entrusted to everyone, and we are confident that together, we will succeed in putting an end to this rampant brutality and protect humanity from these evil people.

– Therefore, we renew our call to the Arab and Islamic peoples, and to all free peoples, to continue to mobilize and demonstrate intensely in capitals and in front of zionist and American embassies, until the aggression stops, and the genocide against children and unarmed civilians in the Gaza Strip ends.

Resistance News Network