July 5, 2021
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July 5, 2021–The following is a selection of the news and analysis headlines posted in June 2021 to the three news pages on A Socialist In Canada website—World news, Ecology, and Canada news. To view the full listing of headlines for June 2021, go to the archived pages:

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A new feature page has been created on A Socialist In Canada. It is titled Editor’s comments and it consists of brief commentary and analysis on important stories by the website editor Roger Annis.

World news headlines

The catastrophic mistakes over Covid made by the West’s political leaders may ultimately bring about societal destruction, by Marcello Ferrada de Noli, published in RT, June 29, 2021 [Marcello Ferrada de Noli is a professor emeritus of epidemiology in Sweden and editor of The Indicter, ‘a monthly magazine in Europe on epidemiology, geopolitics and human rights’.

U.S. media give new respect to ‘lab leak’ theory of coronavirus origins, though evidence is as scant as ever, special report by Joshua Cho, Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting, June 28, 2021

Key witness in Assange case admits to lies that were key in original indictment assembled by U.S. gov’t, Stundin (Iceland), June 26, 2021 A major witness in the United States’ Department of Justice case against Julian Assange has admitted in an interview with Stundin to fabricating key accusations in the indictment against the Wikileaks founder.

One percent own 45 per cent of the world’s personal wealth, while nearly three billion people have little or no wealth at all, by Michael Roberts (Marxist economist in UK), published on his website, June 24, 2021

As Covid-19 crisis ebbs, some in U.S. seeking 9/11-style commission of inquiry, Associated Press, June 21, 2021

Nicaragua’s political opposition as organized crime, commentary by Stephen Sefton, in Telesur, June 15, 2021 (Stephen Sefton is the publisher of the Spanish-language website Tortilla con Sal.)

NATO has been called greatest threat to world peace; Biden plans dangerous expansion that will increase military spending and escalate the risk of war, by Jeremy Kuzmarov, Covert Action Magazine, June 17, 2021


Earth tipping points could destabilize each other in domino effect, reports study, by Elizabeth Claire Alberts, Mongabay, June 23, 2021

Ten reasons why climate activists should not support nuclear energy, by Simon Butler, published on Climate and Capitalism, June 23, 2021

Is ‘green growth’ happening?, by Timothée Parrique, published on Uneven Earth, April 29, 2021

A response to Matt Huber: Facts and logic in support of degrowth, by Timothée Parrique, published on his website, Apr 12, 2021

Report details fossil fuel industry’s deceptive ‘net zero’ strategy, Common Dreams, June 9, 2021

Canada news

Canada’s home-grown genocide against First Nations people and its brazen accusations against China, by Kim Petersen (former co-editor), Dissident Voice, June 26, 2021

Majority of Covid-19 infections and deaths in Canada are now among the unvaccinated, Global News, June 25, 2021

Lawyers in Canada call for International Criminal Court investigation of Canadian gov’t and Vatican over child graves at Kamloops residential school, Calgary Herald, June 3, 2021 read also: report by Global News, June 3, 2021

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