December 2, 2022
From Socialist Project

In the dead of winter 2002, visionary Grassy Narrows youth bravely laid down in front of logging trucks and sparked what is now the longest running blockade in Canada.

Join us to honour 20 years of reclamation, alliance, ceremony, and freedom!

On December 2nd at 12 p.m. Eastern Time, tune in online to join Grassy Narrows people as we feast in honour of the blockade. Countless Indigenous land defenders and supporters have visited and drawn inspiration from the blockade site over the last two decades. This is your invitation to visit the blockade virtually!

REGISTER HERE and we will send you details closer to the event.

Through 20 years of perseverance Grassy Narrows has succeeded in kicking out the world’s largest newsprint company, preventing all industrial logging on their 7,000 square kilometer homeland, saving over 15 million trees, and helping to build the movement for Indigenous sovereignty and land back.

But Ontario continues to grant thousands of mining claims on Grassy Narrows lands and is proposing to open up part of the territory to industrial logging.


Join the Grassy Narrows blockaders on December 2nd as they feast this momentous anniversary and show them that you are with them in this fight.

There is still a long fight ahead for justice for Grassy Narrows. That’s why we’re asking you to sign up for email updates if you haven’t already, to receive the latest news about Grassy Narrows solidarity:

Thanks again for your ongoing support for Grassy Narrows First Nation! 



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