October 31, 2023
From Socialist Worker (UK)

revolution Palestine

Socialists back Palestinian resistance on Saturday’s Palestine protests Picture: Guy Smallman

The best outcome from the Israeli attempt to obliterate Palestinian resistance would be revolutionary uprisings across the Middle East. And that’s possible.

The millions that march against Israel and its backers are not just looking at Gaza. Many are also denouncing their own leaders’ failure to oppose Zionism, while lining up with Western imperialism.

The greatest defeat for Binyamin Netanyahu, Joe Biden and Rishi Sunak would be for their attempt to impose their will exploding into insurrection.

Wars can end through revolution. That’s what happened in Russia and Germany at the end of the First World War.

The apartheid regime in South Africa cracked when it feared the only alternative to retreat was revolution. We want the dictators, exploiters and oppressors across the world to tremble and fall.

And, we hope that the great movements in Britain and in many other countries can grow, connect with other working class issues and force an end to the attacks on Palestinians.

That means extending the protests, making them more militant and pushing for strikes, occupations and walkouts. This is a time for rage, not “calm” or “dignity.

Revolt from below can make it impossible for the West to continue backing Israel. 

Those people who mean “stop the Israeli bombing” when they hear the slogan of “ceasefire” need to push for escalation of our movement. We need more people on the streets, more organisation at every level, more militancy.

And it would be good soon to have a global day of coordinated pro-Palestine action. But revolutionaries also need to take sides in the battle between the Israeli military and the resistance in Gaza.

A defeat for Israel would be the best outcome, and it’s why we hope Hamas hurls back the offensive.

It would give confidence to others fighting back to overthrow their oppressors. It would guarantee the end of Netanyahu and his far right coalition.

We do not share Hamas’s politics. But its victory would be a further humiliation for Israel and the US and a massive blow against global imperialism.

The victory of the NLF liberation forces against the US in the 1970s led to the “Vietnam syndrome”. The US could no longer be sure it could impose its interests through slaughter and invasion.

The US shook that off only to see further defeats in Iraq and Afghanistan. But under capitalism imperialism never goes away.

The US and Britain are using their proxy war in Ukraine in an effort to recover after their chaotic retreat from Kabul in 2021. If they succeed there and in Gaza they will feel stronger about confronting China.

But ordinary people in their tens of millions can thwart their plans and open new possibilities for liberation. And that can mean a new era of socialist revolution.

Source: Socialistworker.co.uk