August 17, 2021
From Party Of Communists (USA)
Clara Zetkin

For over a hundred years now, International Women’s Day has been celebrated in various ways, depending on culture and circumstances. As an International Celebration, it demonstrates how inclusive are its ideals to stand up for Equality – one word that means so much.

The PCUSA Women’s Commission is a testament to the importance communists place on the struggles  of working women in dealing with patriarchal and chauvinistic attitudes. The successful history of socialist and communist working women, united in struggle for justice and equality, have given us a path to ensure future successes in our continuing struggles.

However, not since the 70s, over 50 years ago, have we shown the world what 50% of the population can do when motivated.

So today, celebrate International Woman’s Day, but be careful that you don’t fall for that individualistic propaganda and think you can do it alone. Get involved, join, show up, step up to the plate, and surround yourself with like-minded working women who have a sense of direction and a willingness to make this a more just and equitable world.

PCUSA Women’s Commission

Executive committee