May 8, 2023
From Syria 360

Javad Masoumi
Iranophobia as a policy has been used for many years by the enemies of the Islamic Republic for various purposes.  One of the goals of these policies is the sale of military weapons to certain countries.  Another goal is to make Iran look bad and misrepresent it with various titles such as an uncivilized country, axis of evil, the biggest terrorist supporter in the world to a country that spreads hatred in the world, the biggest threat to its neighbors, a threat to world peace, accusing Iran of designing  Conspiracy for the purpose of genocide and other similar cases is mentioned, although Iranophobia is a propaganda trick and is considered an important challenge for the effectiveness of Iranian diplomacy in the region and the world.  It seems that one of the best ways to counter this ploy is public diplomacy with the expansion of soft power in all aspects.

Iran’s strategy is to try to establish and then increase, promote and expand transactions, exchanges and communications in all aspects of public diplomacy between the Iranian nation and other nations in order to design, formulate and implement agreements and achieve understanding based on values ​​and expanding components and elements.  The solution for increasing Iran’s role-playing and activism, influencing public opinion and developing diplomatic relations with the countries of the world, pathology in international relations, paying attention to the considerations and sensitivities of other countries in policy making, emphasizing human rights and condemning inhuman acts and properly introducing Iran to the world;  It is one of the most important strategic plans that should be taken seriously by responsible and thoughtful institutions.

Considering that the management of public opinion is one of the tasks of Iran’s foreign policy in the framework of the soft power of diplomacy;  Therefore, paying more attention to public diplomacy can be seen as a result of the evolution of globalization on power.  Therefore, public diplomacy is very important in leading countries and serious investment is made on it, and considering the importance of breaking Iran’s isolation project, it is necessary to plan and pay attention to the presence of public diplomacy and international relations, to lay the groundwork for its transformation and promotion as the second step of the revolution.  Public diplomacy has the capacity to be activated in two hundred countries. By expanding the interaction of public diplomacy with the world, it will lead to the development of economic and commercial affairs. In this regard, special social programs for Iranians abroad can be designed according to the expertise and ability of those people.  Relations are an art, and it seems that the art of media and culture in public diplomacy should be looked at seriously.  Countless number of Persian speakers with Iranian nationality live in the world, this means that the Iranian nation is not only in the country of Iran.  This population of Iranians abroad is a great national capital that can play a special role as a public diplomacy information medium to introduce Iran with its peace, security and stability program.  Along with public diplomacy, there is scientific and academic diplomacy;  We have educated Iranians inside and outside the country who can really help their country in the field of communication with the important universities of the world.  In fact, Iranians abroad are the ambassadors of the Islamic Republic, and there are good investment opportunities for Iranians abroad in the direction of Iranian art, culture, ethics and customs.  Also, in the field of public diplomacy, it is the use of communication technology and social media that all nations can deal with important issues by interacting with each other.  Digital diplomacy is a new term in the world of media, which can be used to develop democracy and promote goals in Islamic countries. Digital diplomacy, along with public diplomacy, requires comprehensive analysis, and this essay can be considered as a result of it.  Basically, through these methods, the message of the revolution can be conveyed to countries and nations, and in this regard, we need to benefit from all the national and regional capacities in order to gain the authority of globalization.

Iran has a degree of soft and hard power in an intelligent state according to its position and ability, and this component of power in the age of globalization is for the Islamic Republic with public diplomacy and efforts for cultural ties with the international community, strengthening nation-to-nation relations, efforts to achieve ties  It is different and diverse with the people of other countries.  In addition, the ability of public diplomacy in the field of indirectly influencing the minds of citizens of other countries to fulfill the desires and goals of Iran’s foreign policy is one of the other measures that it actively strives for.  In other words, public diplomacy by emphasizing the dimensions of various links, positive and effective presence in international forums, especially Muslim countries, by creating cultural links with the Islamic world, has been one of Iran’s priorities.  Also, emphasis on de-escalation, creation of strengthening grounds for dialogue with public diplomacy is also one of the most important foreign policies of Iran, which at the same time, with the dynamic and efficient use of smart diplomacy in the regional and international spheres based on the strategies of the resistance discourse, is also important for the future.

Among the examples of Iran’s intelligent public diplomacy, it has been shown in the axis of resistance in the fight against the aggression of the Zionist regime.  In fact, by supporting the cause of Palestinian freedom and in line with the conflict with this fake regime, Iran was able to draw a connecting line between Tehran and the party with its support, and on the other hand, it can directly monitor the movements of the Zionist regime in order to maintain the security of the region;  Therefore, Iran’s public diplomacy in Lebanon has become very deep with the support of Hizb A… and this public diplomacy continues in an inclusive form until today and in a powerful way in persuading the Lebanese Shiites to support them and also the need to confront the Zionist regime and fight  It has been successful until the complete destruction of the Zionist regime.

Israel, as the enemy of Islam and humanity, is trying to introduce the resistance front as a great danger for the Islamic countries in the region and the world, and one of its goals is the project of Iranophobia and, as a result, seeking conflict, fratricide with differences in the Islamic world, and calling itself a pacifist in  Replace the world.  In order to fight against such conspiracies, it is important to bring the Islamic world closer together, because the issue of Palestine is the basis of the unity and restoration of the dignity of Muslims in the path of destroying Israel.  In fact, it is the root and source of sedition and instability in the region of Israel, and the axis of resistance showed that the only way to advance public diplomacy is by creating unity and integration between Muslims.  Because the axis of resistance based on divine traditions and people-building has become a model even among non-Muslim people;  Therefore, the model of resistance based on cultural, rational understandings and unity in the political and economic fields has led to growth and elevation, especially in the Islamic countries of the region. By speeding up public diplomacy, we can think about the post-Israel world and put more important plans on the agenda.  In this sensitive time, due to the fact that the enemies are planning with more detailed analyzes and conspiracies every day and are looking to create a crisis in the region, the development of public diplomacy is necessary and inevitable so that Iran’s deterrent power in the world’s organizations and public opinion prevents the enemy from moving.

Dr. Javad Masoumi, Iranian International researcher