October 3, 2023
From Syria 360

Al Mayadeen

Senior Middle East Affairs Commentator on Israeli Channel 12 suggests a plan to fund protesters in Sweida, militarily and financially, through the village of Al-Anat.

Israeli media reports have revealed Israeli demands to provide military and financial support to protesters in the Syrian Sweida Governorate who are demanding “political change, improved living conditions, and the implementation of UN Resolution 2254, which calls for the protection of civilians, unrestricted humanitarian access, and a cessation of armed activities.”

According to Ehud Yaari, the senior commentator on Middle Eastern affairs at Israeli Channel 12, “Israel” should provide support by “opening a humanitarian corridor through the village of Al-Anat,” located approximately 54 kilometers from Sweida, near the Syrian-Jordanian border.

Yaari further suggested that through Al-Anat, “Druze trucks can deliver Israeli military and humanitarian supplies” along a 55-kilometer route.

However, this proposal faces several challenges, as per Yaari. Firstly, King Abdullah II of Jordan has been hesitant to intervene directly in the war in Syria.

The second challenge for the Israeli project, to support protesters in the Sweida Governorate, lies in the perceived low-level efforts from the Biden administration regarding what Yaari terms the “Druze revolution.”

The third challenge is that the establishment of a “Druze corridor” would require “broad consensus” among Western countries and Gulf states, he added.

Yaari also hinted that the idea of a corridor could be developed in stages, potentially including arming the “Druze for self-defense, which would necessitate a joint military umbrella involving US, Jordanian, and Israeli aircraft to secure shipments when needed.”

It is worth noting that the head of the Arab Unification Party, Wiam Wahhab, pointed out last Wednesday that the overwhelming majority of the people of Sweida Governorate support Syria’s unity.

During an exclusive interview with Al Mayadeen, Wahhab said there are some sides that are inciting strife and inflaming the situation in Sweida in exchange for money with the support of some Arab parties.

He indicated that “Israel” is attempting to punish Syria, leading a conspiracy in Sweida.

Source: Syria360.wordpress.com