August 28, 2021
From Fuck Yeah Marxism-Leninism

Join us on the international days of action to support the campaign for the retrieval of martyrs bodies. In NYC we will be mobilizing Sunday August 29th at Grand Central Terminal. We are joining with groups in London and Palestine to demand the return of martyrs bodies to their families so that they may be buried. 

In Palestine, some parents have been waiting for four decades to get back the remains of their loved ones from Israel’s “cemeteries of Numbers,” where the remains of 254 Palestinians languish in cruel and dehumanizing conditions. Israeli occupation authorities continue to hold 81 deceased Palestinians as hostages, turning their dead bodies into bargaining chips. In Israeli “cemeteries of numbers,” the remains of 100s of Palestinians have been dumped in demeaning conditions in mass graves.

In March 2018, the Israeli parliament enacted a law that limits the number of mourners in Palestinian martyrs’ funerals; just as it seeks to control every aspect of Palestinian life, Israel controls the most intimate details of Palestinian death, too.  

#ReturnOurChildren #HonorOurMartyrs #FreePalestine #withinourlifetime #globalizetheintifada

Via Within Our Lifetime