August 15, 2023
From The Red Phoenix

Editorial by the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador (PCMLE). Published in En Marcha #2060, Aug. 9–11, 2023.

Translated for the Red Phoenix by Red Nesbitt.

Very few days remain until the finalization of the electoral campaign, and, far from the “odds being settled” there is still much to do for disputing the support of a section of the population that has not decided their vote as yet and represents a significant percentage of the population that could very well change the positions of the “two” presidential candidates.

Everywhere it has been heard that this has been an atypical process, for all the particularities it has had, given the unusualness of its convocation and the short campaign proceeding to it. Except, it has not ceased to be a typical process in the conflicting positions and interests of opposed classes. We say this in the sense that the only political project that represents the interests of the workers and peoples of Ecuador (the Claro alliance which has received many votes high on the electoral lists), we think that the other presidential candidates respond to one or another faction of the bourgeoisie, without exception. 

Yakú Perez and the candidates of lists, 2, 17, and 20 symbolize something new, a new hope of change that the people yearn for; González, Sonnenholzner, Topic, Villavicencio, Hervas and the rest, they embody the past. They are of the government that is responsible for our unemployment, poverty, the hundreds of thousands of the youth that have no access to higher education; the government that has given support and service, to benefit big business, the banks, and foreign capitalists, be they American, Chinese, or European. 

The enthusiasm gathered to the candidacy of Yakú Perez, provoked among the popular sectors of the whole country, is trying to be “diminished” by the false polls that talk about the alleged fall in the percentage that intends to vote in the second round of this election, which would put Perez out. That’s how they operated in the first moment of unity between the correístas (social-democrats) and lassistas (conservatives) in the previous presidential election and then later enjoyed the fraud that put Lasso on the ballot. 

Correísmo has fear of being measured against Yakú in the second round, because they know they will be defeated, for this they will repeat the history of past elections. The final stretch of this campaign must not focus solely on our candidates, but we must also focus on organizing electoral control, in the designation of delegates to joint electoral boards, because to avoid this at the table, the capitalists will laugh at this popular declaration of struggle from the masses.

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