August 23, 2023
From Internationalist 360

Marie Laurette Numa
The Kenyan security delegation on an assessment mission to Haiti met with Prime Minister Ariel Henry, members of his government, leaders of the High Council for Transition and members of the High Staff of the National Police.

On Sunday August 20, 2023, a delegation of 10 people from Kenya arrived in Haiti, aboard the regular American Airlines flight ( AA 819 ) from the United States of America. It was greeted at the international airport by members of the de facto regime in power who saw that their dream is coming to fruition, so that they can stay much longer in control of the Haitian state.

This delegation was quickly led to the wooden bell at the terminal of the AĂ©rogare Guy Malary, probably to prevent journalists from asking them questions about their true mission for which they were hired by the United States. And just after a few formalities, the delegation escorted by Haitian police took over from Tabarre to probably go to the office of the governor of the island, the American Embassy.

This delegation would be like a prelude to the Kenyan military or police mission of 1,000 individuals who should arrive soon to strengthen the capacities of the National Police. Their main task for the 3-day time it will have to spend in the country would be to collaborate with the high command of the National Police of Haiti ( PNH ) in order to develop any security plan that will target areas where armed gangs are established and which merit the intervention of a robust force. In fact, a document presenting a gang mapping on the national territory prepared by the police officers will be submitted to the members of the commission.

However, political observers wonder if the chief of police Frantz Elbé will really have the courage to list all the police stations which are infested with gangs of which himself a former member of the Fantom-509 with Vitelhomme Innocent and so many others who were part of this criminal association under the direction of the Popular Democratic Sector ( SDP ) former senators, Antonio Cheramy ( Don kato ), NÚnÚl Cassy, Ricard Pierre, ex-mayor Rony Colin, Me André Michel and Marjory Michel to name a few .

In a press release issued by the Prime Minister’s Office, it is also mentioned that the Kenyan assessment mission met with members of the government led by Ariel Henry, the High Council for Transition ( HCT ) by Ms. Mirlande Manigat, from the High Staff of the National Police of Haiti ( PNH ), members of the diplomatic corps without forgetting the United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti ( BINUH ).

According to the first statements of this Kenyan delegation led by Ambassador Georges Orina, Director General of Bilateral and Political Affairs, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Diaspora of Kenya « We are here to assess the needs of the Haitian National Police, to better understand the situation and to do our best to help the Haitian People »

Regarding this delegation, Mr. AndrĂ© Michel,  Spokesperson for the Democratic and Popular sector ( SDP ), thus reacted on his account X: «We cannot get out of the yoke of the kidnapping and insecurity phenomenon without the help of an international force. Haitian people agree to the deployment of a multinational force to support the police in the fight against insecurity and kidnapping »

The leaders of the Montana Agreement also gave their opinion on the delegation, they simply pointed out in a note that Â« The Haitian people will never participate in the invasion plot, which aims to enslave them, under the guise of helping them ».