January 17, 2023
From In Defense Of Communism
Abdul Latif Afridi, prominent jurist, former member of the CC of the Communist Party of Pakistan and former President of the Supreme Court Bar Association, was murdered by a lawyer inside the Peshawar high court. 
The gunman fired six shots at 79-year old Afridi’s chest from less than a foot away, a witness said.  
Latif Afridi was a staunch human rights defender, leaving behind a significant legacy of decades-long struggles for democracy and the people’s rights. 
“The KKE is appalled by the murder of Latif Afridi, former member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Pakistan, renowned jurist and former President of the Supreme Court Bar Association of the country, that took place in the court premises.

We express our deepest condolences to the Communist Party of Pakistan and his relatives, our support to the members and cadres of the Communist Party who selflessly continue the struggle for the working people’s needs and rights under extremely difficult conditions including attacks, violence, abductions and murders, that exist under the responsibility of the bourgeois state, its mechanisms and reactionary religious organizations.”.

Source: Idcommunism.com