December 20, 2023
From Fight Back News

Protest against Astronautics complicity with genocide of Palestinians. | Fight Back! News/staff

Oak Creek, WI – On Friday, December 15, the Milwaukee Anti-war Committee (MAC) and community members went to Astronautics Corporation of America in Oak Creek to continue their campaign against the company’s role in the genocide of Palestinians.

The rally marked the second time MAC has protested Astronautics over the last few weeks, as members made it clear that they will not be quiet while a company so close to home gets away with profiting from murder.

Astronautics supplies integrated systems, flat-panel displays, and digital avionics equipment for military aircrafts used by both the United States and Israel. This technology has been used in Iraq, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Libya, Lebanon, Vietnam, Somalia, Bosnia and Palestine – many times throughout the last decade.

“From the Vietnam War to Operation Desert Storm, Astronautics has been supplying atrocities committed by the United States for decades, as Astronautics Corporation was founded right here in Milwaukee in 1959,” said Evelyn Schumann of MAC. “The genocide of Palestinians isn’t just a global issue but a domestic one directly supplied by our government, and with weapon manufacturers like Astronatics here in Milwaukee, it’s a local issue too.”

The Milwaukee Anti-war Committee was joined by Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) and Wisconsin Labor for Palestine.

“The American government’s tendency to repeatedly support occupation around the world is no coincidence, it happens because it is economically and politically beneficial – this is the result of imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism,” said Sam Charnon, the security chair of MAC and a member of FRSO.

Picketing of the employee parking exit occurred in between speeches, where, instead of facing protesters, many Astronautics employees chose to instead use the truck entrance/exit. Increased police presence and “No trespassing” signs posted all over the property show that the corporation is feeling the pressure. After speeches and picketing, chalking of the sidewalk and driveway of the employee parking entrance occurred, where things like “Shame on Astronautics!” “Free Palestine!” and “Get a new job!” were written.

The Milwaukee Anti-war Committee says that as long as Astronautics is supplying weapons technology used in genocide, they will be back and in ever larger numbers.

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