November 5, 2023
From Fight Back News

Augsburg students hold die-in to protest the murder of Palestinian children by Israel. | Fight Back! News/staff

Minneapolis, MN – On Wednesday, November 1, the day President Joe Biden visited Minnesota, students at Augsburg University in Minneapolis held a “die-in” to make conspicuous and visible the slaughter of 3500 Palestinian children – as of that day – during the ongoing bombing of Gaza by Israel. This was one of several Wednesday actions by Palestine solidarity activists confronting Biden from the moment he arrived in Minnesota until he left.

In a surprise protest, around 40 students went into a busy area of a university building, lay down on the floor and covered themselves in sheets painted to look like they were blood soaked.

Sana Wazwaz, who initiated the action along with the Augsburg’s Muslim Student Association (MSA), announced over a bullhorn, “Augsburg can I have your attention!”

Nearby students stopped to listen. Wazwaz said, “I am here for a people whose children are collecting rainwater because their aquifer has been bombed. I am here for a people whose children who have been murdered by the thousands.”

“I know you might think this is too complicated and too political, and ‘I can’t be bothered,’ but what is complicated about bombing hospitals? What is complicated about starving Palestinians? What is complicated about a defense minister openly calling the Gazans human animals?” Wazwaz continued.

She then went on to read the names of 50 of the 3500 children who were murdered by Israel.

Wazwaz explained, “We’ve been flyering, petitioning, all the usual traditional ways to raise awareness but felt it was now the time to do a more symbolic, visual representation.”

“We wanted to make students know what they’re paying for. That you paid for the bombs that are murdering children,” said Wazwaz.

Activists concluded the action by chanting, “Hey Biden you can’t hide! We charge you with genocide!” and “Hey Biden what do you say! How many kids did you kill today!”

The response from the onlookers was very positive. Augsburg MSA is gearing up for more Palestine advocacy.

The final event during Biden’s visit to Minneapolis that day was a march and rally of over 5000 people outside Biden’s downtown fundraiser, demanding an end to Israel’s genocidal bombing and an end to U.S. aid to Israel.

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