November 20, 2021
From Fuck Yeah Marxism-Leninism

Sunday, November 21 – 12 p.m.

New Orleans City Hall, 1300 Perdido St., New Orleans, LA

Kyle Rittenhouse is walking off scot-free after murdering two BLM protesters. We are NOT going to stand by and let this happen!

Meanwhile, millions of Black and brown people go to prison for petty crimes or nothing at all. The whole damn system is guilty as hell.

Join us Sunday at noon at City Hall to make it clear:

  • Accountability NOW!
  • No Justice, No Peace!
  • Jail Kyle Rittenhouse!

We will be joining forces with some of the city’s organizers fighting against killer cops and the racist injustice system.

We will also be launching our campaign for community control of the police! See you there.