September 16, 2021
From Fuck Yeah Marxism-Leninism

Sunday, September 19 – 4:00 p.m.

New Orleans City Hall, 1300 Perdido St.

Join us as we demand a fair recovery from Hurricane Ida!

We need the people’s control and oversight of Entergy. The company lied about being prepared, and now it wants ratepayers to foot the repair bill. This is costing more than money: most Ida deaths have been from heat exhaustion.

We need a rapid pre- and post-storm evacuation. After the storm, Cantrell spent 4 days cracking down on “looting” when she could’ve been mobilizing to get people out of the city.

We need real and accessible FEMA aid. FEMA discriminates against low-income, Black applicants. It doesn’t have enough staff to respond to aid requests. It excludes many trans and gender non-conforming people because of their name changes.

We need a hurricane response by and for the people of this city.

  • Hold Entergy accountable!
  • Make FEMA pay!
  • Real relief NOW!

You can tell this March for Real Hurricane Relief! is where it’s at because of the stellar organizations involved:  OPP Reform Coalition – OPPRCNew Orleans Renters Rights AssemblyNew Orleans Hospitality Workers AllianceStruggle – La Lucha for SocialismFreedom Road Socialist Organization

Come see us on Sunday!




Hurricane IDA


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