September 12, 2021
From Young Communist League (Scotland)

Following the Young Communist League’s historic 50th All-Britain Congress, the YCL is pleased to announce the officers of our new Central Committee.

Following the Young Communist League’s historic 50th All-Britain Congress, the YCL is pleased to announce the officers of our new Central Committee.

Under our Constitution, which was updated at the Congress itself, our new Central Committee is entrusted with putting into practise the decisions, policies and priorities of the Congress over the next two years and to continue the essential work of building the YCL.

The new Central Committee met online for training and collective discussion on 11 September 2021 and held its first meeting today, 12 September 2021. As its first task the Central Committee elected new officers to serve the League in carrying out the decisions of Congress.

The following comrades were elected as follows

  • General Secretary – Comrade Johnnie Hunter
  • Chair – Comrade Robin Talbot
  • Treasurer – Comrade Peter Stoddart
  • Vice Chair – Comrade Morgan Horn
  • Minutes Secretary – Comrade Matthew Waddell
  • Membership Officers – Comrade Holly Morcos & Comrade Shea Stewart
  • Communications Officer – Comrade James McLelland
  • Challenge Editor – Comrade Nathan Czapnik
  • AgitProp Officer – Comrade Joseph Weaver
  • Anti-Racism Anti-Fascism Officer – Comrade Robert Daw
  • Branch, District & Nation Development Officer – Comrade Daniel Lambe
  • Campaigns Officer – Comrade Michael Quinn
  • Conduct and Discipline Officers – Comrade Judith Carzola & Comrade Matthew Waddell
  • Culture & Events Officer- Comrade Shea Stewart
  • Disability Officer – Comrade Jem Knight
  • Environment Officer – Comrade Hannah Phillips
  • Industrial Officer – Comrade Laura Dickinson
  • International Officer – Comrade Pierre Marshall
  • LGBT+ Officer – Comrade Nathan Czapnik
  • Marxist Leninist Education Officer – Comrade Josh Morris
  • Mobilisation Officer – Comrade Robert Daw
  • Recruitment & Retention Officer – Comrade Daniel Roantree
  • Student Officer – Comrade Jem Knight
  • Women’s Officer – Comrade Judith Carzola
  • YCL100 Officer – Comrade Robin Talbot

The new Central Committee took the opportunity to thank the 50th Congress and the entire membership of the League for the trust and faith that has been placed in them. The Central Committee promised to do their utmost to carry out their duties with the energy and diligence expected of members of the YCL.

More detailed introductions to each of the new Central Committee members will be published in the coming weeks in Challenge.

The YCL’s updated Constitution and the final Resolutions from the League’s 50th Congress will be published shortly.

Following on from our biggest and most successful Congress since refoundation, the election of this new Central Committee is more evidence of the exciting growth and progress the YCL is making across Britain. Each of the comrades elected to serve is a credit to their branch and the YCL as a whole. The tasks identified by our 50th Congress are as challenging as they are important but with comrades such as ours, in a militant and disciplined organisation, our success is guaranteed. Forward together on all fronts, comrades.” Johnnie Hunter, YCL General Secretary.

For peace, jobs and socialism!

In comradeship

Central Committee
Young Communist League

12 September 2021
London, Britain