November 20, 2023
From Fight Back News

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following November 19 statement from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

The Palestinian people and their national movement throughout the West Bank are prepared to confront a significant zionist escalation targeting the West Bank cities, which is being actively planned as part of the occupation’s schemes to resolve the conflict, and to implement a widespread displacement campaign against the Palestinian people.

The zionist enemy’s escalation of aggression against cities and camps in the West Bank, in conjunction with its destructive aggression on the Gaza Strip, involves continuous incursions into the cities of Jenin, Nablus, Tulkarem, and their camps. These actions include sabotaging infrastructure and roads, assassinating dozens of martyrs, expanding the scope of brutal aerial bombardments, intensifying arrest campaigns, and a policy of demolishing homes, and preventing worshippers from praying at Al-Aqsa Mosque. Furthermore, the enemy is unleashing settler mobs to commit crimes against the people in the West Bank, all as preludes to committing similar crimes to those in the Gaza Strip, with the goal to kill as many Palestinians as possible and wage a wide war of destruction in the cities and camps of the West Bank to force the people to migrate, thereby implementing a plan to resolve the conflict and impose conditions surrender on the resistance in the West Bank to avoid repeating the experience of Gaza.

The zionist enemy also seeks to compensate for its continuous exhaustion in the Gaza Strip by escalating its aggression on the West Bank, attempting to achieve any field achievements in light of its failure so far to achieve anything other than killing the largest number of our people and destroying infrastructure. The Front reiterates to the masses of our people everywhere in the West Bank the necessity and importance of bearing arms and forming popular protection committees to confront the crimes of the settlers. The resistance will not remain silent on the ongoing crimes in the West Bank and will confront them, responding as usual in the zionist interior, and continuing to exhaust its soldiers and settlers.

The Front calls on the Security Forces of the Palestinian Authority to decide on their options and direct their guns at the enemy’s chest, joining the resistance in confronting the occupation’s aggression and defending our people, as this criminal enemy targets all Palestinians without distinction.

The comprehensive war waged by the occupation against our people in the West Bank, Gaza, and the prisons will only meet more resistance, steadfastness, and firmness from us. This requires formulating a unified political stance to lead the battle in the field and all political forums. The plans for displacement and the liquidation of the Palestinian cause will not be realized and will be defeated by our people despite the ongoing genocide and the continued Western and reactionary Arab complicity.

#Palestine #PFLP