May 29, 2023
From Popular Resistance

At least 6000 people demonstrated for an immediate end to fossil subsidies.

NOTE: Al Jazeera reports: “Police said they had used water cannon to disperse activists blocking a major road in the city and arrested “a total of 1,579 people … 40 of whom will be prosecuted” on charges including vandalism.”

The Netherlands- Saturday 27 May, the police deployed water cannons fifteen minutes after the start of the A12 blockade, even though there was no question of a dangerous or threatening situation. 33 people were also arrested who had managed to reach the tunnel of the A12. At least 6000 people and 130 social organizations[1] demonstrated on the A12 or next to it in the support demo. The A12 orchestra also played with more than 80 musicians and 100 scientists from Scientist Rebellion were present. All demonstrators agreed on one simple demand: stop fossil subsidies. From 14:00 this afternoon the police started arresting, in a number of cases violently. More than 400 demonstrators have already been taken away in buses and there are thousands more on the A12.

Spokesman Raki Ap: “Thousands of people are demonstrating today on and next to the A12 with the demand: stop fossil subsidies. The European Commission states that the Netherlands must stop using fossil fuels more quickly. Currently, 13 percent of the energy used in the Netherlands is green, much less than the European average of 22 percent.[5] We demand a liveable world for everyone. Not only in the Netherlands, but also in the Global South where people are already fighting for their survival. A climate-just world is impossible as long as the fossil industry is in control.”

Spokesperson Rozemarijn van ‘t Eind: “The cabinet would rather give up to 30 billion euros in subsidies to major fossil polluters who reap exorbitant profits every year, than take responsibility for the destruction that the climate crisis, driven by the West, is already causing. In 2022, 43,000 people died from drought in Somalia alone[3], but only 800 million of the needed 5 billion were pledged at the recent UN summit on aid to the Horn of Africa.[4]”

Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony on the A12

Just like on Saturday 11 March, the A12 orchestra played the second movement of Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony. Beethoven was almost deaf when he wrote this piece, yet he was able to create beauty. This requires imagination and the A12 orchestra also demands that from politicians. As long as the cabinet does not comply with Extinction Rebellion’s demand, the orchestra will continue to repeat the message. 

Violinist Vera Beths: “Nature is a great source of inspiration for composers. You will find everything in it; harmony, dissonance, rhythm and form. We are systematically disrupting this balance. That has to stop. We need to start listening again.”