September 17, 2023
From Socialist Project

This video is about union rights and in particular the right to strike. Unions have fought to have this right embedded in the Canadian Charter of Rights. A major teacher’s union decided to give up this right for the current round of negotiations, thereby undermining the bargaining power of three other teacher unions.

Every union in Ontario – especially public sector unions – should be concerned about OSSTF’s decision to undermine the right to strike. The union is trivialising a right that generations of workers have fought for and some gave their lives for this right. If the OSSTF membership vote YES to use arbitration instead of the normal negotiating process, they will deal a mortal blow to the their sister teacher unions. No union should ever deliberately undermine another union’s ability to negotiate a fair agreement for their membership. Ontario Premier Doug Ford will have zero interest in reaching any sort of a fair agreement with ETFO, OECTA or AEFO whilst OSSTF is willing to sell their souls and principles to his corrupt government.

The OSSTF executive should take a look at how the UAW in the US is bargaining with the auto manufacturers. Teacher unions in Ontario are in an even stronger position than the UAW – if only the OSSTF leadership would show similar solidarity.