August 17, 2021
From Party Of Communists (USA)

For context, on January 27th news broke out about how a subreddit called r/wallstreetbets with over 2.5 million followers (over 5 million today 01/28/2021) bought stock in GameStop (GME) after the hedge funds and wall street investors was betting the price would drop. The reddit users boosted the GME stock triple its price, causing hedge fund and wall street bankers to lose millions of dollars.

This entire event has exposed 3 things that’s  extremely powerful for the masses.

1: Its shown the power of the collective to outright hurt even the strongest economic system by rallying their support against the capitalists.

2: Its shown the stock market is a manipulated tool for the wealthy to get richer by using dirty tactics.

3: And its made clear to the entire public its fine when capitalists use manipulation and insider trading to become wealthy but it’s wrong when members of the working class do it to simply get a bigger piece of the pie.

The entire system is rigged against the workers, and collective unity to wage class war can destroy the very tool the capitalist hold dear for increasing their wealth. Regardless one’s views on this event, it’s woken members of the working class up to the reality that communists have known for years. We will remember this, and we hope more understand that our fight against capitalism requires everyone’s participation.

And our message to those who are working class who invest in stocks for a need of income; you and your class built this society, workers deserve it, they deserve to rule it, not these wealthy parasites who thrive off your labor and cheat you in their games. To free yourself and your class means to destroy capitalism and build socialism, where workers rule society for their interests.

Join today, and let’s wage this war together as a organized vanguard for our class.