October 26, 2023
From Syria 360

The Cradle

US occupation troops in Syria are facing near-daily airstrikes from Iraq at the same time as Syrian Arab tribes continue to launch raids on the positions held by Washington’s Kurdish proxy militia

Air defense systems, surveillance equipment, weapons, and troops have been pouring into US occupation bases in northeast Syria over the past several days as the Pentagon looks to boost its defenses against resistance attacks.

According to local sources who spoke to Al-Mayadeen, several US cargo planes landed this week at the airfield in the occupied Kharab al-Jir base – which came under attack overnight on Wednesday by a faction calling itself the Iraqi Islamic Resistance.

Reinforcements have also entered Syria via the illegal Al-Waleed border crossing, which the US occupation army often uses to smuggle stolen oil to its bases in Iraq.

Over the past 10 days, US bases in Iraq and Syria have come under attack at least 13 times. These attacks have left at least one dead and dozens injured, according to US officials.

“There have been a few reports of [traumatic brain injuries] as well as some minor injuries from service members,” a US official with knowledge of the attacks told Politico.

While resistance attacks against US troops in Iraq and Syria are not uncommon, they ramped up significantly following Israel’s massacre of hundreds of displaced and wounded civilians at the Gaza Baptist Hospital last week.

In response to this brewing crisis, the Pentagon announced over the weekend that it would deploy a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD battery) to intercept ballistic missiles and additional Patriot missile systems to West Asia.

Washington had already deployed several air defense systems and ground reinforcements to their bases in Syria over the past year, as US planners expressed fears of a joint plan by Syria, Iran, and Russia to expel the occupation forces from the Levantine nation.

The new reinforcements also come as Syrian Arab tribes continue to launch raids against the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) – a Kurdish proxy militia that helps the US retain control of northeast Syria.

According to local sources, on Monday, the tribal fighters attacked several SDF positions in eastern Deir Ezzor governorate while rocket and drone attacks were launched from Iraq onto the US-occupied Al-Omar oil field.

As armed opposition and popular discontent against Israel, the US, and its proxies grows in West Asia, the Pentagon has deployed thousands of troops and nearly a dozen warships to the Eastern Mediterranean Sea to protect their interests in the region.

Source: Syria360.wordpress.com