September 17, 2021
From In Defense Of Communism
Parliamentary and local elections began on Friday in Russia and will last three days. Voters are electing 450 MPs for the Duma (parliament) in Moscow and a number of cities have introduced electronic voting. 

President Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party is expected to win despite the decline of popularity in the last few years. 

In a statement the International Department of the CC of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) denounces attacks on the party, law violations by the government and censorship by mass media. The full statement is the following:

Statement by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation

“Nowadays modern mass-media has
completely lost its primary informational function being transformed
 into an instrument of  propaganda very much effective  for control of
public relations as well as for elimination of political competitors.

Practically 99% of the MSM in the
Russian Federation, including so called “independent” ones, submit
themselves to the authorities.

Increase of demands initiated by
Roskomnadzor and appearance of new articles in the Criminal Code of the
Russian Federation have led to massive internal censorship of
journalists and mass-media.

There is a list of so called prohibited
“safe words”, including for example names of national or regional
leading politicians which use is allowed only by approval of
editor-in-chief or appropriate supervisor. It’s quite obvious that the 
CPRF is number 1 on the list considering the result of the drawing of
places in the ballot voting paper where the CPRF is at the top of the
voting list.

So far, we are still getting a great
scope of information from regions about an assistance rendered to the
United Russia party by regional and municipal administrations in
propagation with use of governmental and municipal  mass-media  and
information resources as well as  assistance in holding meetings with

Campaign coverage executed by Mass media
is extremely uneven according to the data obtained from the monitoring
organizations. Airtime for the “United Russia” activity given by the
federal TV channels is greatly bigger  than of all other parties

The latest data shows that the “United
Russia” surpassed the aggregate indicators of all other parties by 1.7
times: “United Russia received 90.8 minutes, the “Liberal Democratic
Party” – 16.9 minutes, “New People” – 12.7 minutes, the “Communist Party
of the Russian Federation” – 10, 7 minutes, the “Just Russia – For the
Truth” – 7 minutes, and the “Party of Pensioners” – 3.6 minutes only.
All other parties were either not mentioned at all (“RPSS”, “Communists
of Russia”) or were mentioned in total less than a minute for the whole

Federal media uses all means to
denigrate the image of the CPRF and its members hyping the customized
negative information from dubious sources, while positive information is
deliberately distorted or ignored.

Dissatisfaction with a policy pursued  
by the “Party in power’s” has increased the CPRF rating and resulted in
another surge of black PR against the Left, who were accused of
preparing a new “Maidan”. We are here talking about the authorized (!)
meeting of Moscow CPRF candidates for State Duma, headed by Gennady
Zyuganov with the voters on Tverskaya street on August 26.

Continuous attacks on some popular CPRF
candidates, namely Pavel Grudinin, a serious opponent to the government
with his almost 9 million votes in the last presidential elections, led
to his exclusion from the Party electoral list. Attempts to challenge
the Central Electoral Commission’s decision through the courts are
deliberately delayed.

Nevertheless the CPRF continues fighting
against injustice and lawlessness. Under the same pretext Secretaries
of the CPRF CC S. Obukhov and V.Solovyov, were deprived from the right
to participate in the last elections. The former General Prosecutor
Skuratov was excluded from the Party list in Buryatia, because of the
omission of the word “Professor” in applying documents. He appealed   to
the ECHR, which ruled in his favor.

Irkutsk Governor Sergey Levchenko  has
doubled the budget in four years from 96 to 213 billion rubles. He
reduced illegal logging, forced the local oligarch Deripaska to pay
taxes in full scope, and supported public enterprises. The efficiency of
regional economy has resulted in his resignation and imprisonment of
his son, after demonstration of 150 negative TV spots about him were
shown on TV. Still no investigation is on the way.

Valery Bykov, CPRF candidate from
Kamchatka was sentenced to 9 years imprisonment on a fabricated case and
released only half a year later.

The duplicate candidates, namesakes, are
nominated against the CPRF with the only goal to confuse the voters.
For the same purpose several small so-called communist parties have been

All  the CPRF complaints about violations of the law remain unanswered.

All of the above mentioned “tricks” finally discredit both the electoral system as well as the government.

CPRF CC International Department”